October 25, 2004: I haven't updated this page in ages but I've noticed some visits from Calgarians especially as of late. So I've made a few updates here and there below. Please note that my main site can still be accessed at www.madonna-melaniec.com


I graduated from Queen Elizabeth Junior/Senior High School in 1994. It was an interesting experience. I came out of high school respecting those people who had the courage and guts to be who they wanted to be, while those people who tried so hard to "fit in" I found hard to respect. I still can't believe how much people try to join the "popular" group when it's the other groups and their individual characteristics that make them winners. In fact, some of the most coolest people I know were the "geeks" from high school. Too bad I wasn't a nerd myself. ;-) I'm glad me and my two friends (Delicia Johnson and Nicole Lehman) won the right to do the historian speech at the graduation ceremony.

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As for teachers, they are cool, as long as they truly enjoy teaching and don't stereotype their students. There were quite a few teachers who misjudged their students, thinking that if you were academically-inclined, you couldn't play sports, or worse: You didn't even like sports! The same is true the other way around: If a student is awesome at sports, it doesn't mean they aren't smart nor studious. Some teachers also stereotyped on looks: Just because a student wears glasses and is quiet doesn't mean he/she can't be athletic. But there were also many teachers who didn't judge like this, so I thank them all for being... smart. :-)

Which people do I look up to or admire? In general, I look up to intelligent and hard-working people. Wit also gets to me. Oh, and they have to be beautiful... NAH, just kidding, although intelligence and hard work does bring about beauty. But I do admit also liking beautiful and smart businesswomen, probably because I know I can be one myself one day, hee hee. Here is a short list of my "heroes":

I'd also like to thank the following people for having genuine compassion for others:

I have a broad range of hobbies and interests, which include reading (favorite books include atlases and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), watching TV (but I don't have much time for it anymore), playing with Transformers, dancing, coming up with ridiculous rhymes, wearing my blue pajama pants, wearing my grey Calvin Klein top (which is NOT a pajama T-shirt), reading about World War II, learning frontward hand flips (and nearly killing myself in the process), listening to music (I love all sorts of music including any tune that makes you wanna bump and grind), playing with construction toys (Lego, K'Nex), driving with music playing, more dancing, watching flexible male dancers, watching cute young male dancers, making and editting videos, writing scripts, tumbling, giving it my all when it comes to sports (favorite sports are hockey and soccer), learning the HTML language, learning Madonna's choreography, typing, helping out Madonna and Spice Girls fans, roaming around my Calgary playgound (yes, the entire city), choosing Calgary locations for shoots (you betcha I'm going to put Calgary on the map), and using computers for both educational and recreational purposes. One of my greatest talents is never giving up on trying to learn anything I really love and am passionate about. I'm currently very passionate about acting.

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