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January 2, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Yes. Uh-huh. Time to get down real.

Lyrics from "You Don't Know Me" by Armand Van Helden featuring Duane Harden:

I don't ask for nothing, I'm always holding my own,
Everytime I turn around it's something, people talking about what they don't know.
And when I try to move on up, they're always pulling me down,
I'm tired and I've had enough, it's my life and I'm living it now.

You don't even know me, you say that I'm not living right,
You don't understand me, so why do you judge my life.

I always wonder why people try to hurt me,
No happiness in their own lives, so they act out all there jealousies.
Who are you to say that I'm living wrong, always telling me what to do,
I've decided I gotta be strong, what makes you think that I needed you.

Here's a time-sensitive gift for you: Click here to snag a copy of this hella-ace number. Thanks again to Roxy for introducing me to this song. And thank you to Erick for providing this for me. You are a dear friend.

Thanks Andrea for the New Year's Eve night and to Dawn_2 for supplying the wine champagne hella-addictive yummy strawberry creamery Baja Rosa.

Myself + friends + good music + Baja Rosa + New Year's Eve = interesting and slightly-drunk dancing gal.
Actually, you can get me drunk without drink, as music and dance do just as well. Oh well... something to remember for next year, tee hee!


December 25, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Boo. As a Christmas treat for you all, I've added a public blogger for this public babble board. Go there if you want to leave any comments for me or about this site. Go ahead. I dare ya.

What keeps ringing in my head is Roxy telling me: "keep on doing your thing, Angie." Yeah I will, nobody can stop me now.


December 11, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung

THIS POST NEEDS NO TIT TITLE, heck it doesn't even need a picture

thank you lauren for having the feelings that you do for me, i know i don't fully appreciate them, at least not all the time, and you will never creep me out as not many people know how to feel the way you do or let themselves feel the way you do. to you and a few others: i'm so sorry for liking a girl so much, who doesn't even take the time to respond to my emails or even call me. it makes me ashamed sometimes. because i know i don't deserve to be treated this way but yet i find you (elisa)... someone who still should be noticed. and yes, i lied to you (elisa) when i told you i don't like you "that" way, because this stupid world that is sometimes fucked up won't allow me to tell you the full truth or more probably: won't allow you to accept it. one day i hope you realize the amount of courage i spent on you even though it is not reciprocated. i know i'm being the silly one, liking you so much especially when so many people don't think it's worth my time. thank you to terin for letting me put my arm around you in many ways, and for having the patience to wait a year and a half. i can't believe what's happened between us, it's new and exciting, and comforting. i love you. please forgive me, but i so fucking love you. thank you to cait for noticing me. thank you to roxy for having the hugest heart in the whole world, for reaching out to those people that you see special gifts in. not many people will ever give me the chance to dance, but you are one of the few ones that if i could give the whole world to, it is you. the dance world is sometimes very groupy and very cruel and very exclusive but it's people like you that remind me that there are still and will always be, genuinely good people on this earth. thank you to dee for always being there for me, no matter what, you are the one that always tries to make me feel better no matter who or what I'm going through. no wonder i share my life and feelings with you. thank you to my parents for giving me so much and for just taking the time to be proud of me. thank you mum for calling me awesome. thank you winnie for coming to the show and hugging me. i'm so glad to have a sister like you. we both feel so much, fortunately and unfortunately. thank you to pamela for that whole mary kay experience and for always noticing me, i do notice that, you know. thank you to elaine for loving my eccentricity and understanding or at least accepting my huge range of emotions, thanks for all your help with you-know-who, and thanks for all the free dinners. thank you jill for being you, i really don't think you realize how much i appreciate you. ironically, you are so not a snob! thank you to ashley and your friends who cheered me on at montage, you don't know how much i not only loved that, i needed that. thank you to krista and her mom for coming to the show. thank you to Sung for being such a pure-hearted and understanding person. thank you to everyone who prayed for me and the show and for other things too. thanks vanessa from montage, don't really know you but you made me smile. thanks lena for arranging the gift. thank you to those who i chat with every now and then, and who see my personal/sensitive side and accept it as me and who see the life in me. thank you to kruti for being one of the best roomates a person can ever have had, i miss your energy and our talks about football players and how men can suck... though trust me, women suck too. thank you to cheralyn and al for being people that i talk to only on occasion, but always manage to put a smile on my face every time i hear from you. thank you to jobst for being such an inspiration, i really do heart you. thank you to taryn for encouraging me to dance and reminding me that even though i'm not an "advanced" dancer, i still can inspire others a lot. thank you for your mercy and grace and gift, oh God. thank you aunt may for flying yourself and my sister to the show. thank you to robmacca for just plain making me feel good. thank you to dennis for being a responsible admin and a great person to talk to when i need a cool guy's point of view. thank you to norman for being like a brother to me even though you might not realize this. thank you to james for the moments that we get beyond the gossip and DD bullshit. thank you to the aussie girls for your never-ending support, even though i might not babble as much. thank you to helen for including me in the calendar. thank you to the guys who will never stop being "Dancing Queens", hope you all "stay alive" and enjoy this life. thank you to dawn for that first chance, and the second one, and the third one, and so on... thank you to koochacoo for being there and asking those tough questions every now and then. thank you to peter for noticing me in my moments of sadness, one day we will conquer the evil world of cliques. thank you to courtney for helping me with my montage positions and my montage pronunciation and for your angelic smile. thank you to andrea p for coming to the show and witnessing "that" conversation and supporting me through it. thank you alex for ironically cheering *me* up when i am trying to help you get through your shit, i hope one day you see how good-looking you are, in more ways than one. thank you tina for the tour bus tour, free food, and excellent show! if only i could yell out to the world who you are. thank you to steve and vicky for your presence and prayers. thank you to gordon for never leaving me out. thank you to those who notice my posts at dd, i do notice you, i really do, you'd be surprised that i even know who you are.

okay, i'll stop here because i could type for an eternity. there's many more of you that i can mention, but i won't, if not only for my own sanity as i need to go to bed. i wholeheartedly apologize to those that i have missed in this list.


December 4, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


In light of the fact that even though Dance Montage 2004 is over, my life will still be busier than Market Mall on the last shopping day. So I've decided to wish you all a Merry Christmas because frankly, I might forget it come Christmastime.

Dance Montage is over. Now why does it always happen that when you're ready to scream out at the top of your lungs how sick you are of working stressing swearing choreographing a huge dance number, that everything pulls together on the actual show week and that everyone ends up having so much fun that you end up thinking it's actually worth it? It happened two years ago with the Madonna piece and it's happened again. You think you're going to thank God it's over, but when it actually ends, you end up yearning for more. I was gonna rant and rave about the dancers in our piece, but now I'm just gonna rave. Seriously, thanks to all who came out, worked hard, understood the vision, had fun, and kicked serious ass. You made me proud.

Thank you to my choreography partner Elaine, who was more than just a choreography partner, she was my lifeline. She kept me sane in the times where insanity took over. She let me express my creativity and passion, and yes, sometimes my anger. She hired a babysitter at high prices so that she could make it to the rehearsals. She baked and assembled gift packages for the dancers. I'm so thankful that she was there. To think that last year we both were just spectators... amazing how things work themselves out. And perhaps most importantly, she was there to help me keep up with the incredible amount of gossip that surrounds Dance Montage. There's more drama to Dance Montage than there is in ten year's worth of episodes of "The Young and the Restless". From the dressing rooms to the backstage areas to the stairwells to the T-shirt selling booth, it's amazing the amount of dirt information one can pick up! {insert evil smile here}

Thank you to Roxy. Words can't express how grateful and appreciative I am for what she did/does. If anybody makes me have faith in humans (again), it is her. To explain why would require ten pages, so let's just say that she is one of the few people who accept that people like me can dance.

Can I say that I was pumped, no, PUMPED, that my sister Winnie was there to see me dance?! She's never seen Dance Montage before and flew from Vancouver just to see this show. She knew how emotional I was over who, what, and why, and I'm so thankful that I had her to hug and support me. Plus she kept our parental units in check. Speaking of parents, ours came and totally enjoyed the show, not to mention causing a mini-commotion in the theatre lobby. Boo-yah. I heart my family.

Thank you to Josh Rimer for helping me find some awesome-est-of-the-awesome guys for our piece. Thank you to Peter for being the only guy brave enough to audition for our piece! (wink). Thanks to my coworker Russ for finding us Frank Zappa's Dancing Fool song, ace!

Thank you again to Terin and Lauren for fucking flying many hours and across many seas / oceans / time zones / borders just to see me dance. I am so freakin' hella-lucky to have friends like this. You rule, you FUCKING rule. And bumping into Jill-the-"snob"-who-so-isn't-a-snob-she's-one-of-the-sweetest-people-I've-ever-met at the airport was very cool.

Finally, THANK YOU to all the people that cheered me on during the run, especially during my solo. Even though I couldn't show you on stage, it meant so much to me to hear so many people whooping and holloring my name. I felt like a celebrity! I'm glad I was able to turn around and face some of you during the football piece and do my pelvic thrust, just for you. Ah, classic memories.

Now time for the pictures, get yer collective arses over to hooked on dance post-haste to see the ace-est selection of pictures from the show. More pics can also be found on Tony's site here. Some of the pics (especially from our piece) are practically porn! Thank goodness for hot pants...

Believe it or not, Dance Montage aside, there was absolute naughtiness that occurred this past week at my place that even especially the folks at Denden can't hear about!

Now before this post turns into a semi-beautiful semi-sinful semi-gushing semi-lustful piece of art writing, I'm already gearing up for my next show, which is singing at my church's Christmas story/play/thingamajig. I sing (meh, more like, blend in) with the tenor section in my church's choir. Why is it that I always end up with the men? Ha. Seriously though, if you want to come see and hear beautiful music that arises out of faith, come see us in action. Sunday December 19th. Two shows: 10:45 am and 6:00 pm. Bethany Chapel. 3333 Richardson Way SW. If any of you wonder why I sing in a choir when I can't actually sing, it's because the words and the music make me fall in love with the true message of Christmas. It was God and prayer that brought me through Dance Montage, and the same thing will get me through this (mostly wonderful) life. I prayed so hard that the dancers in our piece would end up enjoying and appreciating the dance, and I can honestly say that they all did.

Falling asleep with someone is beautiful. You so know who you are and I love you.


November 10, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Above image served to you courtesy of hooked on dance dot com. Gorgeous still shot taken with my digital camera of the dancers in a piece I'm in entitled "The Jocks". (I'm not actually in the picture because I'm the one taking it, ah the sacrifices of a seasoned photographer). Befittingly, I'm a jock gawking at the ballerinas in tight-fitting uniforms. (Those who know me well enough will understand the irony.) Imagine me in a football uniform, number 91, oversized helmet, padded pants, white knee-high socks, and well, boo-yah. Click here to see a picture of the ballerinas, as in just the sexy ballerinas. Warning: you may suffer from a permanent crooked neck when viewing.

Sexay girlies by the names of Lauren and Terin will be able to witness the positive lunacy of Dance Montage first-hand. Yes, 2 different persons flying in from 2 different countries just to experience the intense visuals of this annual dance show. The airport, my condo, Calgary's roads, and the University Theatre lobby is going to undergo madness like even the U.S. Presidential Election has never seen before. Then add the numerous people I've invited from Calgary itself, it's going to be bigger than the release of Halo 2. Moreso.

Don't miss out on getting tickets as they sell faster than a Hilary Duff peep show: 220-7202.

Projected visitor estimates (number of people who are now going to reach this page by searching):

  • Dance Montage (I'm WELL AWARE of the numerous searches I get on this term from those who live in Calgary): 78
  • sexy: 1025
  • sexay: 1
  • Hilary Duff: 90677
  • Halo 2: 6 million to the power of 10
  • U.S. Presidential Election: 0
  • cute picture of football players and ballet dancers: 1000
  • Angie Hung is a righteous babe: 10


October 25, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Excuse the random title of this post, but it does make sense. Sort of.

I won't be commenting on the experiences and drama regarding Dance Montage until after the show is complete (late November). But watch for that post, it's going to be a long and hella-honest one. Perhaps painfully so.

They (whoever they are) say that change is good. Human beings grow and evolve and change. We learn from our experiences and move on. But change is not always good. There are some people in this world who should never change. Because they are already amazing, humble, and down-to-earth. In short: they are beautimous.

... So I said I wouldn't be talking about Dance Montage. Well this is true, but I'll be talking about the dancers. Specifically the dancers in our piece (Elaine and I) who enjoy dance for the thrill and fun of it, who don't care that it's not the most advanced dance piece in the whole damned world, who are amazingly down-to-earth despite their talents, and who appreciate the opportunity just to be in the show. They are the people that we did this piece for. They are also the humble ones, not full of attitude nor snobbery. The ones that are truly confident in themselves instead of pretending to be so. They are the ones that are going to make positive changes in this world. They are going to make changes without having to change the good things about themselves.
So I say to the dancers that fall in this catogery: Please. Don't. Ever. Change.

Through the never-ending cycles of learning choreography, counting in 8's, exchanging jazz oxfords for jazz runners and back, getting up early on Sunday for rehearsals, dancing so much that the knees are buckled, eating apples to maintain energy, and doing pirouettes and jazz hands I found the time to register and populate a new domain name: That's double-u-double-u-double-u hooked on dance dot com. Go check it it out. It's a photo journal for now until a better use can be found for it. It's gonna ellipse Hooked on Phonics, you heard it here first.

And why "stalkers"? Let's just say I'm aware of certain individuals checking out this site. BOO yah to you too.


September 8, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


All dancers of all levels in Calgary are welcome to audition for our Dance Montage 2004 piece, scrumptiously full of fun and funky dance moves.

Date: Sunday September 12
Location: Auxilliary Gym, Faculty of Kinesiology, UofC
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Bring: attitude, spunk, and comfy dance shoes and a bribe for Angie


August 19, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


After my disastrous last post (tho the pictures were ace), I feel the need to re-confirm myself as the ace babble poster.

First, call me a geek, call me a freak, pay me off with thousands of dollars (go ahead, I dare you!), but nothing's going to stop me from hella-enjoying the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Seriously, all the hype and the drama that suits even an American broadcast, I soak it all up like a sun-dried hungry sponge. Visually, I just love watching competition between people with well-built bodies (note: NOT body builders as too much muscle is disgusting, but those bodies with a clearly-defined muscle line), especially the male swimmers and divers. So toned and clean-shaven, it may very well be an 8th wonder of the world. The delectable pictures above are of Pieter van den Hooganband, a swimmer from the Netherlands. His wide eyes are marvellous. Sincerely, I congratulate all athletes from all nations who have worked so hard on their sport to make it to the games. Through hard work, passion, and dedication. Not through body-enhancing pills or drugs. I'm also one to foolishly adore the lengthy "Parade of Nations" because seeing the different countries and cultures is beautiful to me.

Oh my, this post is going to be about beauty...

Gay people appeal to me. Apologies for generalising, but it's simple and it's true. I realize that as a Christian, I love how welcoming and warm-hearted and compassionate (and yes, beautiful) the gay people I've met and gotten close to are. Perhaps it's because they have to struggle with the heartaches and agony and longing that comes with trying to find someone they love and who will love them back. I may not be gay but I identify with this struggle. All of us, hopefully, will have such experiences in our lives. Because it helps us to be more understanding, appreciative, and compassionate. Not to say that straight people don't go through this pain, because they do, but there's an added element when it's potentially dangerous and embarrassing to admit a liking for someone of the same sex.

And with the grace of a gymnast on the parallel bars, we transition to a related topic: the amazing brilliance of Garden State. If you don't do anything this week, if you don't do anything this month, if you lie shit-faced on your bed all year, at least go see this movie (and do your taxes). The characters are amazing because they are REAL. The performances by the main actors (including Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ian Holm) are honest, and the dialogue is sharp, quick-witted, and clever (thank you thesaurus). You will love these characters because they are genuine, sincere, and true (again, thank you Myriam-Webster Online). The most beautiful people in this world are those that are honest about themselves, willing to show raw emotions, acknowledge that they have "issues" to work out (face it, we all do), and who themselves see the beauty in insecurity and vulnerability and truth. On an off note, Natalie Portman is sooo wasted in Star Wars. Come to think of it, so is Canadian Hayden Christensen, who is stellar in Life As A House. If you're a Natalie fan like me, check out her earlier works, such as Beautiful Girls (which is a good drama, and not a hormone-infested teenage bondage movie, if that's what your dirty minds are thinking right now). Tho might I add that American Pie IS a classic!

Elaine, Elaine 2, Ian, Alen and I recently went to Calaway Park, an amusement park outside Calgary. One reason was to check out the few dance shows there. It was a good time and I enjoyed the shows, especially the "broadway" one, and I admire and congratulate the choreographer on the hard work (hmm, don't know who you are, who could you be?, lemme think for a bit, ponder, wonder, hmmm, erm...scratches head). Hee hee.

So my parents were flipping through the Calgary Herald's "TV Times" and the Entertainment section and guess what they found? My sister's name credited as the main actor for a movie called "Cabbin Pressure" playing on A-Channel! Cool to see her name there like that.

The names of friends regurgitating around in my head: Ivan Michael, Postie Robbie Rob, Bunkell, Schtamonkel, tanzy, Superstar, and Ivan Michael again. Tee hee.

Other things in this world that are beautiful:

  • the ocean
  • pure unadulterated laughter
  • Angelina Jolie
  • robmacca
  • tears
  • the doe, the ray, and the mee (music)
  • a dolphin kick done underwater by an Olympic swimmer
  • honesty, truth, vulnerability
  • the smell of crayons


August 8, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Apologies for not updating this in a month. Then again, nothing new, eh. At least I've got a full set of picturesque pictures that I took with my camera when I visited Vancouver and Toronto last month.

The choreography for our 60s piece is coming along swimmingly. A rock-hard kick-ass storyline with fan-fucking-tacular hella-sexay dance moves that will make you wanna get out your dusty dancing shoes, bellbottom pants, elasticized trousers, Newsies cap, and get on the dance floor yourself.

New pictures for your sore sun-soaked eyes:

Crap, I've got to write in this babble board more. I'm gonna lose my writing touch if I stay away from here so long.


June 28, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


As Frank Zappa says, I'm a dancing foo-ooo-oo-ool...


I'm going to be a choreographer for Dance Montage 2004 along with my good friend Elaine! If you are in Calgary, good-looking, confident with your body, and have a good feeling for music and rhythm, feel free to audition on September 12 at the UofC. No experience necessary (but don't make that stop ya). Our piece will be a fantabulous funky fresh and feelin' tribute to the 60s!

Actually, I'm a Dancing Queen and have a shirt to prove it.

Life is SO goooooooood.


June 18, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


To put the weird and wonderful craziness of the past 3 weeks of my life into a concise ten-page document single-spaced with 8-size font and zero-margins would be impossible. And now I'm going to try to fit it all in one public babble board post. That is me, always attempting the (near) impossible (and almost always obtaining it). As Mandy Moore so aptly puts it in MTV's Punk'd: "Let's Get Started!"

May 28, 2004
We had our very own Dee-Day. I managed to arrange a private and personal meeting between Melanie C (Sporty Spice) and one of my best friends, Dee. (Thank you to Melanie's manager, Nancy, for the extra-supportive help). Dee is one hella-lucky gal! She presented a few Denden gifts to Melanie. The glorious moment moments were caught on a 6-minute video taken by Ying (Melanie's personal assistant, water bottle guru, and the affectionate object of Dee's eyes). No kidding, the entire gift took a year and a half from conception to development to fulfillment (feels like I'm talking business here). Check out the Melanie C forum at Denden for pictures and video of the event. I've been "partners in crime" with Dee since her first email to me in 2000. Back then, for the hilarious-nest of reasons, we had to keep our friendship private. Thank goodness, that is no longer. I HEART you Dee!

June 1st, 2004
Let's Welcome The Londoners!
My friends Dee and Chris flew over from England. They've never been to Canada before, much less the greatest city in Canadia-land: Calgary. And to arrive in the middle of Calgary Flames hockey fever: no timing could be lovelier! Some things they noticed about Calgary:

  • Pepsi and Coke are different drinks here (they don't differentiate them over there)
  • despite our massive grocery store selection, we don't have diluted room-temperature orange juice (the sickeningly sweet stuff is abundant there)
  • restaurants here have 2.5 times the portion size (hmm...)
  • we don't say "ta" here, but we do say thank you
  • everyone is really friendly
  • it feels more safe and open here, you can actually take things out of your boot trunk and not get it stolen
  • our airport is quiet
  • you can see the sky and the clouds in Calgary (in London, it's all fog)
  • my parent's house is considered luxury
  • it's "sugar" honey, not sweetener
My parents took them to Banff and the mountains, a stellar experience for them. I'll have one or two pics of them on the main Banff street with the mountains in the backdrop once they get their pictures up. No doubt about it, Canada is bea-u-tee-full!

June 3, 2004
A hella-rocking time at the Saddledome, home to the Calgary Flames! We attended an away game with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The game was shown on huge video screens brought onto the ice level. The vibe was so hot n' kicking, one could sparsely tell the difference between this and a real live game with all the players, LOL. When the Flames scored in overtime, there was not a single fan who wasn't jumping out of his seat. Everybody was high-fiving each other. The drive out of the parking lot was wonderfully insane. We were honking at all the passers-by and they were high-fiving the car and cheering us on, like being serenaded by a stream of red-draped peoples. It was a night of honking, high-fiving, hella-cheers, hella-huge-burgers, heat, hugs, and love. Seriously, that night, every Calgarian in the arena and on the streets was your family.







June 5, 2004
Yeah. Frickin' ten years, that seems to be a lifetime when taken by itself, but it's gone by so fast. Feels more like five. But then, when I allow myself to think about everything that has happened to me in the last 10 years, it is amazing. I've experienced and accomplished so much. I'm a much more happy and confident person. High school is limiting and you never know what things are out there and what things you can do until you do a bit of living and moving out, up, and on (who would have thought back then that I'd become an actor and a dancer). It was terrific seeing everybody again, like a sweet tune that you haven't heard for a while, but is recognizable as soon as it comes on again. Seeing the familiar (and in some cases, not so familiar) faces again was surreal but sweet. Truth be known that there were some people from high school I would have been happy to not see again (that was my feeling right after high school ended), but after 10 years, things change and most people grow up. I was also reminded by Scott that even back then, I did have real and sweet thoughts, and hopefully, that part of hasn't changed and never will. Thank you to Yvonne for organizing everybody together. I'm glad you did.





June 6, 2004
What's a visit to Alberta without a visit to the renowned dinosaur-infested Royal Tyrrell Museum? The ride was long and boring (and straight, pun intended), heightened by the fact that it wasn't just raining cats and dogs, it must have been raining their collective piss too.


June 7, 2004
What a sight to see Calgary downtown jam-packed at rush hour with throngs of hockey-hungry people itching to get to the closest bar or house party to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Pure Bliss. What's not pure bliss, however, is discovering that there are at least 2837 ways of putting pork on a pizza... not good when one of your party can't eat the animal that goes oink oink.

June 8, 2004
Just ask the tigers, lions, bears, wolves, and monkeys who were in stalking, pouncing, splashing, and playing moods that day.

June 9, 2004
We concluded with unfloundering assertion today that girls with at least a bit of meat/fat on them rule over (ie, are more beautimous) than those that are just skin and bone aka girls that work at Joey Tomato's. For those that don't know, Joey's is just a restaurant slash bar slash lady-check-out-place slash place-where-fathers-can-take-children-to-and-amazingly-not-get-arrested type of eaterie. The bathrooms are ace though.

June 10, 2004
Dee and Chris experience fine dining Calgary style! In other words, dining that costs more than the amount Canadians will have to pay for Paul Martin's financial blunders. In other words, La Caille on the Bow.

June 11, 2004
A weary but utterly satisfied Dee and Chris take the flight back home. Also somehow found time to attend the retirement party of a teacher/counsellor from my high school days. I wish you the best, Mrs. Daniels! Thanks Mr. Buchanan for telling me about it.


If you want to see more of the juicy pictures from all the events above, CLICK HERE to visit my new online photo album.
I am should be a photographer.

If you're a Melanie C fan, then you'll know what BARFLY is (that's Bar-Fly not Barf-ly). If not, then you'll think it's a weird term for something weirder, like Tampa Bay Lightning residents getting excited about ice hockey (wink, beat). Anyhow, the past week or so has been absolute crazy madness for her fans in London as she held a series of small intimate concerts for the ones that adore her the most. Being in Canada, I'm usually left out of such activities (that is, if you leave out my trip to London in May 2003). Butt as always, I find a way to get myself involved in the drinking and debauchery playful exertion of energy that is queuing for and attending a Melanie C gig. Here's a picture of me "in London" with three handsome pretty boys (Alex, Carl, James):








(If you want to see more pics of me in line in London from BARFLY, click here. Thanks to Dee for encouraging the photo opportunity.)

Finally, as if my ego needs any more boosting, here's an actual email I got from a friend after my last public babble board post:

Hey you,
I just finished reading your public babble update and I must say it was awesome!
That's not to say that your other updates aren't good, cos they are, but for some reason this one really stood out to me. And it wasn't just because of your statements regarding God at the end either. For some odd reason reading that forced me to remember what was one of the very first things I read from you. It was your description about meeting Mel C, I think. Anyways, I remember after reading something you wrote (not on DD or your site)I was immediately drawn to you, which is unusual, especially for me. It wasn't because of what you were saying so much, but how you were saying it (if that makes any sense). When you write you don't just do as some do and write the way you speak, but it's like . . . you write with your whole self. You're able to take a somewhat formal means of communication that has a tendency to neutralize nearly all emotion (which is why we use smilies)and truly reveal yourself, an amazing person. That's why I think I was initially drawn towards you. You didn't know who I was, but I felt as though I knew you.
Take care.

Thank you (you know who you are).

David Beckham rules. So do his shorts. So does probably what's inside them. :-) I've cheered for the Flames, I've cheered for the fans, and now I cheer for the Englanders. GO ENGLAND GO. Euro Football is the reason I can still get up in the morning despite the exuberant activity and lack of sleep that has been my last three weeks of existence.


May 20, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


A coworker once said to me: "Angie, you've got a horseshoe up your ass!", and the fact is that I do. I'm not anybody significant but yet the most amazing things have happened to me in my short 27 years of existence:

  • I was invited to the world premiere of Madonna's movie Evita by the show's lyricist, Tim Rice. We were given Gold VIP tickets, meaning we got to walk the "red carpet" and we got the treatment that went along with it. Our seats were in the front row of the balcony, which was where all the other celebrities sat. Twas a chilly (temperature-wise) but cool (philosophical) night. We also attended the celebrity-laden after-party and had access to free champagne/wine all night. The local news TV station even featured me as one of their "Top Stories" of the day (really, must have been a slow news day)! Here's the pic of me and Tim and my friend Krista (who I know stalks visits this page)!
  • Back when Madonna gave birth to her first child Lourdes, the local Calgary Sun did a story on a web site of mine. I was the first person in Calgary to find out she had given birth (as other Calgarians didn't read the news until the paper came out the next morning).
  • I've met the stunning Angelina Jolie twice, and she remembered me the 2nd time and gave me a hug.
  • I'm in an awesome coffeetable book about Madonna called Madonna Style. I'm profiled as a fan on page 131. You can get it at Virgin Megastore and Chapters and other large bookstores around the world. It's all sold out in Calgary! There's even a French version in Paris. If you can't find it at your local bookstore, click here to see a scan of the page I'm in.
  • I was fortunate enough to choreograph a piece in Dance Montage, a local kickin' dance show here in Calgary.
  • Back in 2001, a friend of mine won a local newspaper contest to see Madonna in London England on her Drowned World tour. Bless him, he invited me as his "guest" (thank you, Ed). Plus I'm off to Toronto this July to see Madonna again in concert. It's going to so rule.
  • I'm known (in a good way) by one of the Spice Girls (any guesses as to whom?).
  • My acting career is slowly but surely budding.
  • When I go to Vancouver, my sister sometimes gets me extra (background) work. My profile (literally) was seen in the Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend movie Trapped. Though too bad not that many people actually saw the movie. It's now out on DVD. You can also catch me in Aaliyah and Jet Li's Romeo Must Die. Plus if you dig out your old VHS tapes, you can catch me in Johnny Depp's first major television series 21 Jump Street as a background performer in a yellow T-shirt.
  • Chris Finch, Madonna's backup dancer from her Who's That Girl tour, one time phoned me at work. Chris now works for Ryan Seacrest (hmm, wonder who he is?) Watching Chris dance with Madonna on stage is one of the factors that influenced me to get into dance.
  • I got to watch a Melanie C concert in London England in the VIP section. Plus I was lucky to know at least half the people in the audience itself! Click here to see pictures from that time.
  • I help run/administer a massive forum board called Denden. It's so popular that even one of the Spice Girls filmed a message for us! (Melanie C aka Sporty Spice). Plus it's got a large gathering of gay people, people that I identify with so well because I used to feel like an outcast. But now when I speak, people listen. Boo-yaa.
Though seriously, none of the above come close to my relationship with God. I've still got so much to work on but God has blessed me so much, especially with the family members and friends he's allowed in my life. HE deserves all the praise. Despite all the wonderful things that have happened in my life, I should only feel humility.


May 8, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Thank you to those in Simon's class who made me laugh harder than I've laughed in months weeks.

Let's begin. Seriously, there's no funnier and more poignant cartoon than Calvin & Hobbes. The comic reeks of insightfulness, humor, wit, and life. The fact that Hobbes is a smart tiger and still has his natural killing pouncing instincts is reason enough to adore the cartoon. The fact that Calvin is an intelligent imaginative wonderfully-naughty 6-year old kid is reason overload for LOVING it. Ya know, even though I'm a girl, I would so join the G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS) club. Yours truly agrees that girls CAN be incredibly slimy and untrustable creatures. Sometimes girls deserve to have water balloons thrown at them, hee hee. Or maybe rotten apples (both of which happen in pleasurable abundance in Calvin & Hobbes). Girls lie, cheat, play men and women on, use their sexuality then deny it, change their minds more often than people with colds go through kleenex, play mind and popularity games, and well, you get the picture. Guys do it too but girls do it with reckless abandon! Men get into physical fights, but women get into CATfights, and the latter can be much more powerful and penetrating. (I say the above in a teasing kinda way (you can see the smile on my face right now), but there's truth in what I say). But back to the point: Calvin & Hobbes rules more than rulers themselves. And they know how to enjoy life...

Recently I was at a small party at a HUGE house. Someone I knew was house-sitting. (On a dumb side note, why do they call it house-sitting when you don't actually sit ON the house itself...) Anyways, some pictures I took from that fun night:

Random People I Feel Sorry For:

  • People who've never read a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, or worse, don't know how to appreciate it
  • People who are scared of being "real" when talking with others
  • People who've never been rejected romantically / physically
  • People who've never had to go through tough times and have everything handed to them on a platter
  • People who don't know how to really laugh
  • People who stop playing
  • People who read People magazine all day with nothing better to do
  • People who stare through the peep hole
  • People who try to mock the word "people" and aren't being very successful at it!!! insert wink here.
Links for your linkfix:
Sean's Myumee Dolls History Timeline wicked site by a friend of mine
Namullin my bud Alex currently on an exchange in Sweden
Jesse Cadotte kickingly talented actor from Canadia

Finally, it's scary how many people have found this page by searching "William Hung sings Calgary Flames"!! Erm, didn't know he did...

Go Canucks Go! Go Flames Go!

I get the nagging feeling that this post sux...

Oh well. At least Calvin & Hobbes does not.


April 13, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference.

You better believe that. Too many of us think we're good because we don't hate. We don't spread hatred nor invite dissension, we shy away from conflict and pretend that "everything is fine". Yet we don't realize that acting and being indifferent to the people around us is even more hateful. We go around and live our mundane lives and don't have the courage and respect to let people into our lives and let them affect us. We pretend to brush people and the things they say to/about us off. We ignore the problems of others. But ever since last year, I've come to the realization that this takes away from just how significant our lives can be. We can affect others and let them affect us, if we make a conscious decision to not let ourselves give in to the untrue belief that "things will be better if I don't involve myself with others and if I don't have real conversations with them". Many people really do believe this, and we should feel sorry for them. These are the people that go around pretending to have halos on their head and you can have discussions with them for 30 minutes and still not talk about anything real or important. They've learned to put a smile on their face no matter what. They smile on the outside but have no life on the inside. They die and nobody knows what kind of person they really were, because it was all hidden from the world. That's why when I feel happy, you'll know it. If I feel like screaming, you'll hear it. If I feel like crying, I will. And the literally countless numbers of people who have told me directly that they love this about me, serves as the proof that we shouldn't hide our true feelings, and we should allow ourselves to live each moment of our lives with veracity, honesty, and passion.

On a different tangent: There are plenty of things that I don't miss from the 80s, but here's a list of things that I do miss:

  • Scratch n' Sniff Stickers (maybe they still exist but I haven't gotten any lately)
  • Spaceship Lego (the original blue and gray)
  • Classic Game Shows (remember Press Your Luck anybody??? Classic Concentration? Scrabble?)
  • Russia / U.S.S.R.
  • Generation 1 TRANSFORMERS!
  • The Smurfs
  • Cheesy songs that still made ya feel hella-good!
And I say to all Calgary Flames fans out there, BRING IT ON, from a loyal Vancouver Canucks fan. Peace.


March 26, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


A week ago, I get a call from yesteryear (aka high school days). It was from Victoria (back then she was Vicky, eh). So we met up for coffee at, well, you name it, big business, expensive lattes, short is tall, grande is medium, and don't know what is large, Starbuck's. (excuse the grammar mistakes in this sentence). Anyhow, it reminded me just how much I've changed since high school. No longer that inwardly-sensitive yet outwardly-timid girl. If I went back (which God forbid never let happens), I'd kick some ass. But then others have probably grown up too, so it's all goooood, eh. I dance, I act, I kick ass. Plain and simple.

Here is a pic of me and Victoria
Here is a wannabe artsy picture of Victoria's coffee cup on a table with newspapers


March 25, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


I can't say enough about CLASSICAL music. Artists like Beethoven, Strauss, Bizet, Tchaikovsky, and the list goes on. These folks GOT it. They knew how to compose stellar symphonies that create massive musical orgasms. I suggest, no, I command you to get your ass to a local music store and buy albums such as Simply The Best Classical Anthems and experience this for yourself. It's really a shame that people don't create symphonies anymore. Or maybe they do, but the world and popular culture is more interested in themes of teenage angst or adult depression, than wonderful musical tunes that create feelings of joy. I'm amazed at just how many classical tunes I know or recognize, some must have become engrained in my mind and my soul from a young age. I never watched operas, so I don't know how I came to know many of these songs, maybe it's from those classic Bugs Bunny cartoons and movies like Fantasia that made good use of these songs. I've uploaded several of my favorite classical anthems so go ahead and download. Of course, I offer my humble self-serving comments about some of the songs.

Click on the song titles and select "save as" to download and listen:

Some other songs I've made available:

Attended the 100 Dollar Independent Film Festival a few days ago with Elaine. Bumped into Josh Rimer again! The funniest thing happened when we were going to the after-party but went into the wrong building. Ended up passing by a huge indoor ice rink where a group of hockey players had just finished a game and they smelled so strongly of sweat, then accidentally walked in on a group of "go-getters" who excitedly told us that we were in the wrong room. Then Elaine dropped her toothbrush on the ground outside... okay, so who drops a toothbrush in the middle of the night outside a community hall? Who carries a toothbrush with them everywhere they go? I couldn't stop laughing at this.

Some more pics from my digital camera:

I just realized I use the word "ditty" above twice. I must go and increase my vocabulary.

Link of the Week: Movie Spoilers - don't say I didn't warn ya.


March 1, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


It's hella-late but I'll try to hammer out a new babble post for all you babble lurkers. I spent the evening watching the Academy Awards with some friends and reaping in all the celebrity-fo-shuzle that Hollywood can dish out. What a night of self-indulgence and graceful acceptance speeches. Butt seriously: actors sometimes do one HELLUVA job. I salute them. I could go on a rant about how much I am empassioned by acting and what it really means to "be an actor" but I... won't.

What I WILL rant rave about is Bon Jovi. I heart the melodies of this band. It not only rocks, it's rocking! Seriously, I heart the musical build-up and climaxes that occur in many of their songs. Pop in a Bon Jovi CD while you're driving and you're in bliss. Pure unadulterated bliss. Listen to a song like Livin On A Prayer, and it's a heavenly gradual lead to the chorus. And then when it goes "you live for the fight when it's all that you've got!", you can't help but try to catch up to your heart that's gone way out there and up there due to the pumpin' climax. I honestly HEART how it's done. Some other examples are Bad Medicine ("Now Iím addicted and your kiss is the drug"), You Give Love A Bad Name ("No one can save me The damage is done"), and I'll Be There For You ("I didnít mean to miss your birthday, baby, I wish Iíd seen you blow those candles out"). Note how I listed the climax lyrics in each song. And note how I generously made links to each example song's lyrics. You're most welcome. But don't just take my word for it, get yerself to a record store and buy a copy of their greatest hits or something.

Can I say I'm pumped, I mean PUMPED, that 2 of my closest and loveliest friends are now engaged? Dee and Chris, I heart you both. Yes, and it was MY doing! Well not exactly, but I was the person who singlehandedly guided the stars in the direction of their lovefest. Well not exactly, but I did know the both of them before they got together. I remember staying with Dee while seeing London with Chris. I never knew the day would came where Dee would de-nounce her homosexuality. Well not exactly, she still loves girls, but now she loves one man: Chris. I'm so happy for them. Well not exactly. I'm SUPER-DOUPER GIDDY happy for them, boo-yaa! I'm going to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, not because I want to wear one of them stupid tight peach-colored dresses, but because I want to be THERE. Yah. I'd like to take all the credit for their fornification... well not exactly. Grin.

As promised, click the below links to listen to a heartwarming message left on my answering machine on the day of my birth (plus 27 years). Thank you to my friend Jayne for gettin' down and grinding her vocals to Michael Jackson's BAD.

It's going to be a hella-busy year for me. I have no less than 5 people from different countries visiting me at different times, coming over to hang out in Cowtown (Calgary for you non-Calgarians). Moo. My mind is going crazy thinking about planning 5 different visits alongside work, acting, dancing, loafing, and simply, hanging out. I'm not only going to need a daytimer, I'll need an extra day to add to each week. Please forgive me if my updates here aren't as timely this year because of this.

Marjolein made this sweet icon for my public babble site:

So if you wanna link to my public babble board, feel free to use the above image as your link. Thank you Marjolein!

Can you believe that Calgary is now down to only one more copy of the Madonnastyle book that I'm in? Yes, and the only one left is at Chinook Centre Mall and it's tattered. AND it flips open to the page that I'm in (page 131). Since I rarely, if ever, go to Chinook, I wonder who's been stalking me in the bookstore? Anyways, that's besides the point. Go get it if you haven't gotten it. You can order more at Chapters, but I don't know if it's out-of-print already.

I am NOT William Hung!! Click on aforementioned name to visit the real Willie Hung. It's not my fault we have the same surname and it's not my fault that my last name alongside my liking of Prince William makes it show up on web searches. Unlike Willie, I KNOW I can't sing and won't make a fool out of myself on national TV (much less U.S. national TV). Though on a more nicer note, kudos to Willie for giving it a shot. I don't think he realized how bad he is and sometimes not knowing can add a real innocence and charm to somebody. I hope he reeps in all the publicity he can get. Might as well let America's obsession with non-celebrities benefit him to the crutch. Go.

Wow, with each babble post, I always manage to out-do myself (sic). My next post is almost surely to be about The Passion of the Christ. I'm going to go see that movie when I can find some spare time. I'm not looking forward to viewing the torture and violence but I believe the filmmakers were trying to be as truthful as possible, and sometimes, we really just need the truth. But that's neither here nor there, until I see the movie and can comment on it. But I already admire them for making it.

Oh yes: Happy Birthday Sam!


February 8, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


Yeah. Go HERE for some new pics taken by my digital camera (actually, taken by me).

Madonna looked so yummy on tonight's Grammy Awards. Yeah.


February 2, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


I've come to the conclusion that my friends and I are crazy/insane/wacky/hilarious. Here's a short list of our activities:

  1. We drive to people's houses in Calgary, sometimes making it into a challenging search game. We've tracked down people's houses based on the most obscure information. Reason: Any excuse to drive around with the windows down and music blasting. As Tom Cochrane sings: "Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long..." It's an incredible "high". Mei Mei is my THE best-trained shotgun person. This girl is SEASONED for road-tripping. A well-stocked collection of CDs is a necessity. For those of you not in the know, a shotgun person is responsible for many things, including changing the CDs, giving drinks to the driver, opening packages of tidbits, and much more. They must also laugh at all the driver's jokes.

  2. We *always* come up with crackingly hilarious worst-case scenarios, usually involving people that make us the most uncomfortable/awkward. example: being stuck in the same small dressing room as someone that makes our eyebrows shudder and then you have to change in front of each other, or having a sibling falling in love and marrying one of our worst enemies and then everyone having to be at the wedding together (okay, so you get the idea and let's not mention the lesbian scene study). Coincidentally, it IS much harder to come up with best-case scenarios. Free parking everywhere is in nearly all the situations.

  3. Way before Friends did it, we revolutionized the event that is friendship quizzes. Seriously, we come up with funny only to us 20-page tests based on our friendship (past, present, and future), and it is serious seriously funny and factual. Fill-in-the-blank, put-in-the-right-order, give-the-name-of-the-person-who... There are even essay questions, boo-yaa.

  4. The fact that we argue over insigificant things such as people not showing up for wings, and spending money on outdated video games. Cancelling a wings night is a big

  5. Actually coming up with a proposal for a TV show based on my insanely wacky (but very loving) family. I've got some episodes in mind. How many people go all out on all-you-can-eat buffets in order to get your "money's worth"? Or eating only the eggs benedict...

HERE is a pic from a recent wings night.

I've got a new crush: Mandy Moore. Well, more of an emotional one. If you ever catch her in the Punk'd episode, you'll see why. Plus check her out in A Walk To Remember. There's no way someone can play someone that humble and not be at least a bit of it themselves.

Check out my friend's page for a new TV sitcom/show he and his brother are proposing. They've been invited to a pitchfest in LA. It's called Brothers. They've got a wicked sense of humor! Go Josh and Andy!


January 23, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung


I want to be an actor. I want to fucking act. You may have heard many people say this, but I mean it. I've been taking classes and workshops for several years now, and it's amazing how much work one can do on a scene. Acting is tough work, no shit. Don't believe anybody who say they can just stand up and act, because true actors, like Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, and Jack Nicholson worked years on their craft and continue to do so. They don't mimic, they become. They are truthful. Before I took my first-ever acting class, I had no idea of the energy, details, specifics, and truthfulness needed. Plus you can forget about your pride, because brilliant actors have to potentially face the most gutwrenching emotions in order to make it real. I just finished an intensive 3-day workshop with Simon Longmore, a professional actor who runs the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. I learned a lot about how I come across to people and where I need to improve (relax, breathe easy, be specific). I came away wanting to improve and work even harder. The passion I have for it all shocks (even) me. Thank you Simon! I've been studying for 5 years including scene study, auditioning, and Meisner (the latter which I've been taking with the lovely Lori Ravensborg). To say I'm itching to showcase my dedication and passion would be putting it lightly. You can find my headshot HERE.

On January 9th, Elaine, Ian and I caught the latest show of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks called Pivoting Echoes. Generally, it was very good and watching the dancers' movement, form, and flexibility, especially with the male dancers who I like to gawk at on a continual basis was a joy. Though the ending was a bit of an anti-climax. What wasn't an anti-climax was the little big drama with my cell phone, which I misplaced, and there was a funny moment where Elaine called it and it did ring. I would have been a mess if I lost the big little thing. Dingo! Plus I bumped into a lady that I was in a fashion show with a few years back, "Massika" or something like this. Strange how fate brings people together. (Yes, I was in a fashion show and adored the experience... and yes, it's true, models of both sexes change in front of each other).

Above is a picture of my work laptop taken by my brand new Sony P72 digital camera. Boo-yaa. Below are some more pictures recently taken by said camera:

I may be starting a daily photo blog on this site, so watch this space. Seriously, I heart my new digicam, almost as much as I heart my new car.

The recent rise of MP3s made me forget how exhilarating it is to buy a CD. I recently snatched up Michael Jackson's HIStory Volume 1 and the soundtrack to Swing Kids. Both rock (or should I say, swing). It's really an experience to buy a brand new wrapped CD and then unwrap the completely-dirt-free CD and hold it for the first time. Then get a quick whiff of the glossy liner notes. Hmm, should I be questioning my sanity here?

To Jayne: YOU rule. YOu fucking RULE! Period.

Pondering Thought of the Day: I used to be shy, but now I'm quite outgoing and open. I don't know when/how that came about. But I love being out there.

Pondering Thought of the Month: Actors and dancers can be hella-different (read my homepage for more on this). I'm both, so does that make me a contradiction?

Pondering Thought of the Year:I'm extremely comfortable with myself and my sexuality. Now I DO know where this came from: acting, dancing, cool friends, and a loving family!


January 20, 2004.
Author: Angie Hung

This is not really a post...

Happy New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been HELLA-busy. A 3-day acting workshop this week doesn't help.

But I'd like to know who you are that keeps coming here, from Calgary, on a Telus connection, using Windows 98. I only recently realized you've been visiting this page for months. Feel free to introduce yourself, especially if you are interested in choreographing something to 60s music... (long story) (just hoping your name isn't Amy)


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