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April 19, 2009.
Author: Angie Hung


I'm dancing in a new show! It's called Magical Extravaganza. It's part of the Artists Elite International Performance Company. It's going to be a hella-smooth family ride of a variety of dance styles including Hip Hop, African, Lyrical, Comtemporary, Brazilian, Jazz, Latin, and more! It takes place on Friday June 19 (2009) at the University Theatre. Contact me for tickets.

It's been going around and around in my head whether it's easier (or harder) to talk about being a Christian or being gay. Imagine being both and sometimes not being able to share to the other, the entire truth. For those that care and are reading this, I've had an easier time telling my Christian friends that I am gay (I liked guys when I was younger, but now the guys my age are not attractive to me) than telling my gay friends more about why I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I really do. Perhaps it's because the Christian friends I have, of all ages, are full of love and compassion. They are not the hate-filled "Christians" that don't show the true glory of their God. I love all my friends, regardless of what their background is, or what their sexuality is, as long as their hearts are decent and good. I am a very lucky person to have the friends that I do.

I'm now a PSI Basic Grad! It would take 23,675 words to explain what this is about or just one hyphenated word as in HELLA-AWESOME. Met the most amazing and memorable of people, thanks to Yvonne Caulder for introducing me to this weekend. Glad to see my friend Nico also become a graduate! Again, contact me if you want more information.

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November 25, 2008.
Author: Angie Hung


Don't check your vision, this is an UPDATE of the Babble Board after a year and a half! There's too much to say about everything that has gone on in my life in the past two years, so a pictorial representation of our awesomeness would be the best.

CLICK HERE to view the photo journal.


July 16, 2007.
Author: Angie Hung


All the five years of activities crammed into the last four months haven't been documented here, but crazy pictures have been posted on Facebook in all their glory potential for blackmail. I'm only updating this babble board to fill the rest of you in, who aren't on my Facebook friends list cause I'm narcissistic like that.

Cristina, my hot Latino roomate/cowgal, Pamela, my hot massage therapist friend, and myself went to Europe in May, specifically London, Amsterdam, and Paris. As usual, it was two full weeks of partying, drunkenness, touristy destinations, sacrifices, rainy and hot weather, hot and sweaty dancing, so many stairs we each lost ten pounds, and more. Click on the below links to see some of the photos. About seven-hundred more photos exist, but they're on other people's cameras and facebook pages. And yes, if you think I only hang out with good-looking people, you got that right...(aka I think all my friends are tasty).

Europe part 1!
Europe part 2!
Europe part 3!
Europe - more pics from others! part 1 aka the really naughty ones part 1
Europe - more pics from others! part 2 aka the really naughty ones part 2

A short list of what went on that should stay there:

  • the hella-fun going-away party!
  • Helen's "The HUNG has landed" Breaking News card
  • having a bad crash at an Italian restaurant due to hemp brownies aka Space Cakes
  • people doing ? to my hair because of the above
  • Catherine Tate! AM I BOVVERED?? FACE, BOVERRED?? i ain't bovvered!!!
  • just what is it that you're insinuating? that i take it up the arse?!!
  • oh the fucking liberty!!!
  • bumping into Roxy and Amber and Amber's husbandboyfriend randomly on an Amsterdam street, totally made my trip
  • me being sacrificed at Stonehenge
  • the wonderful BBQ where I ate loads and got tipsy (yet again)
  • drinking then the loo - repeat 1,062 times
  • Chris filming London and then making us all personalized DVD's!!! thank you so much!
  • Mother Dee, the amazing hostess who picked us up, dropped us off, stocked her kitchen with food and freezies, gave up her bathroom to 3 girls, and STILL managed to cry after she dropped us off at the airport for the flight home
  • meeting another Eton boy (Kit)
  • seeing Harry Potter's willy for quite a length of time (no pun intended, seriously), times 2
  • Daniel Radcliffe looking down Pamela's top
  • Asian sex!! (for Cristina)
  • some of my friends totally hooking up(!!!!)
  • getting to Shiphol airport safely despite Marc's crazy driving (thank you Marc!)
  • dancing at G.A.Y. Bar until closing for 2 nights
  • NOT dancing at G.A.Y. Late or G.A.Y. Club, poo to that!
  • Spice Girls songs one after the other with all of us cheering SPICE GIRLS SPICE GIRLS after each one... trust me, that wouldn't happen in Canada!
  • the numerous cocktail (and other types of) jugs at G.A.Y.
  • the sweetest of texts from Norman and Robbie
  • the "are you leaving, am I bovvvered??!!" card from Carl and Marco
  • seeing Jack again... sigh... I love him... shhh, don't tell him that tho!
  • beautiful friends at G.A.Y., Hard Rock restaurant, and wandering in London, the picture on the steps
  • bumping into nsba Chris at G.A.Y.
  • meeting Dale then watching a video of him wanking to a trainer the very next day (!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Carl and his 800-something odd pictures!
  • our rest at Starbucks
  • Norman startled by a bus
  • hot waitresses
  • Dee telling me that Fari was so happy to receive the gift!
  • good-looking guys in Amsterdam, no offence to any other European country...
  • learning the true definition of "window shopping" in Amsterdam...
  • all my beautiful friends
  • "BEF MEH"!!!

Josh Rimer had his annual 20th Birthday Party Bash a few weeks ago. The food, karaoke, and dancing was fun. I did an Asian rendition of Eminem's Without Me, where did all these Chinese rappers emerge from?! But the hilite of the evening was when I did a beautiful duet of "Can't Help Falling In Love" with Matthew Popoff. (By beautiful I mean in the philosophical sense, as we would not have made the Top Thousand in Canadian Idol). Here's a pic of Steve and I making the most use out of Josh's pointy party hats:

With gratitude to Dee, four gorgeous Canadian girlies got to enjoy a free evening of fine dining pasta and weight-increasing desserts at The Old Spaghetti Factory:

Yesterday, we had our first annual "Girls-Night-Out-Plus-One-Guy" Do at our place. Playing Twister when it's 30-plus degrees equals a lot of sweat and sexy action. It also taught us that Mick Jagger is the only guy singer, Allison moving around like a "singer" means it's Celine Dion, a kayak isn't a kayak until a person gets plopped down into the boat, Cristina needs 5 minutes to prepare for a two-second imitation of Darth Vadar's heavy breathing, and that Pamela is just way too Canadian! Here's a choice snapshot, guaranteed to make any girl-and-ass-lovers drool:

As promised in the post from March 25, here's the scan of the napkin proposition that my roomate and I got.

To show how small a world it is today: My roomate Cristina is dating my long-time friend Marieke, they met while we were in Amsterdam, and some other sparks were also flying about (Pamela, Marjolein, Marina), while Dee and Chris, who I met before they met each other and got married, also felt some lovin' for Cristina and now Allison is part of the group that Dee mothers. Marieke will soon be flying to Calgary to have some fun with the Canadian girlies, which reminds me of Carl who loves Canadian boobies so much, I wonder what his boyfriend Marco thinks about that? I love me world and me bestie buds!

Angie Out.


March 25, 2007.
Author: Angie Hung


I'll have pictures up soon, including a scan of a paper napkin with a proposition on it...

Josh asked me to describe last weekend's martini taste-fest as best. night. ever. Well it would have been if memories of it were better than sparse and I-think-that's-what-happened. An evening of drinking martinis as darned fast as you can in fear they are going to run out of the good-looking and delicious concoctions. Dangerous. It hits you before you know it. Then vague memories of drinking many more paid-for drinks and bright-red shooters. Steven accusing the not-so-nice female bartender that she was stealing twenty bucks from him when really he had left it stuck in the ATM machine, lol! Telling a fellow female dancer that I've always thought she was beautiful (oh no). Swaggering to Poco Loco to set up Steven's karaoke gig which he cancelled cause' he was having too much fun at Tantra, the host of the fest. Bumping into a cool lesbian and I ended up walking her as far as we could?! (Angie-lovers know that that is not Angie's style). Pizza at Canadian Pizza Unlimited and us wondering how the guys felt about dealing with drunks night after night... asking for extra sauce and extra chicken, something like that. Losing my Spring flowers earlier in the night, after putting them on a table, and grabbing a probably-straight woman's butt and feeling it, forgetting I wasn't at Twisted Element?! Me and Josh (or Josh and I) realizing we had an audition for the same independent film the next day, wondering if we would even be able to read the script and find out what it was about. Going back to an empty Tantra, where the heck did everybody go? (apparently back to their homes for even more drinking). Walking long distances to get to each club. Me spilling out all my money and then some, on the dance floor, not even realizing it until a nice guy picked it up for me. Going to the bathroom at Twisted and not realizing it (ouch). My head was spinning the entire night but I felt even better than great? Joking about I-don't-even-remember with Josh and Steven. Steven writing his phone number in the snow on the back of Josh's car. Bumping into Josh the very next night even though he swore he wasn't going to go out at all! hehe. Bumping into Sherri Olson again the next night. Crashing into Josh's bed with Josh and Steve on Friday night, bachelors don't have empty glasses, so you have to use jars to drink milk (yes, I'm cool that way, I drink milk after a looooooong night of drinking booze!). wtf?! I hope Josh doesn't realize I nearly emptied his carton of milk. The nice walk in the cool air the morning after. Thank goodness we did not puke as we had expected.

Went to UofC's dance production of Mainstage the night after, and then wings/nachos at The Keg where Allison's cool friend Chantal gave me her berry blast floss (wow do people know how to get on my good side!). Allison does drive crazy. She drives great if it's on the wrong side of the road! Dancing at Twisted Element again, somehow I was the only one who got in without having to pay cover charge?! Taking a drunk Pamela to Denny's after for some very healthy Denny's food. Blah.

Calgary Cares: Cameron asked me to help out the executive committee for AIDS Calgary with ticket selling, and I must say it was a fun job and I met some really nice, fun, and cool people, so I thank you very much Cameron! (aka Sweeeeet Dresser). The party was much fun, especially when I got to "work" with Sung at the door entrance. Meeting a lot of people I had spoken to on the phone. Running back and forth for the drinks and appetizers. Bumping into Orianna who was also working there. Totally digging my friend Elaine's fashions, which were presented in the model showcase as part of the show. The awesome dancing! Trying to recognize which dancers I know even though many were hidden in the guises of costumes and make-up. Not winning the raffle. Boo. Buying men's underwear. and wearing it at home that very night over my own and marvelling at how comfortable it was, really, I didn't do this, seriously, I'm being 100% honest here, like for real, would I lie?!

Afterwards, my roomate Cristina and I had a bit of a "light" meal at Silver Dragon Restaurant, one of the better Chinese restaurants in town, meaning they don't scarily tell off customers in pseudo-English with epitaphs like "WE CLOSED NOW!!!!!" Anyhow, it turned into some of the funniest verbal exchanges Cristina and I have ever had. I even told her about how I met Dee and Chris, and how Dee and Chris met each other, how I stayed over at Dee and Des's house when Dee was not with Chris and how I perched naked on her bathtub perimiter trying to get a shower rod back up that I had accidentally knocked down. I will never forget Cristina YELLING "Ten Years?!". We must have talked about a whole lot of interesting stuff because a fellow diner named Bryan walked over to us and handed to us what turned out to be some kind of "couples massage retreat" proposition on a paper napkin??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so confused as to what exactly he meant by it. Dude, we're just roomates, okay?? I mean, did he want to give us a couples massage or be in one with us?! Of course we aren't going to call him but it was still so funny, especially since Cristina made me run back into the restaurant just to retrieve the napkin so that we could scan it and put it on the Internet. Oh, we are hopeless.

So yes, scans and photos will come soon.


February 11, 2007.
Author: Angie Hung


For the past several weeks, my Saturdays have been packed with fun, safety, fun and shocking drama, all-niters, rolling home and crashing into bed at 5:30 in the morning, striking up random pictures at The Twisted Element, never-ending heart-rendering hilarious conversations at eating out, dancing, clubbing, popping, electric blue popsicles, dirty bathrooms, dirtier bathroom activities, and the comfort of spending time with friends and being very thankful.

Thanks to my friend Elaine, a group of five of us (myself, Pamela, Allison, Cristina, and Peter) got to go see Alberta Ballet's Dancing Joni & Other Works for free. It was sweet. You just gotta {heart} dance. My favorite part was the canon-ing leapers sailing across the stage both left to right and right to left. I {heart} pure strength in able-bodied dancers. It was obvious that Allison loved it as she was squealing at random-minute intervals?! Sharing Cristina's Smirnoff Ice because we had to finish it in twenty seconds during intermission. Parking at the Jubilee is getting to be a headache... Screaming out Allison's name as we were in an insane car line-up going 0.000005 miles an hour. Group hug in the parking lot at the end of the night and strangers staring at us and wanting to be us. The night started off with dinner where Peter, Pamela, Cristina, and I talked about the most random and ridiculous things including relationships, random killings in Mexico, sexuality, let's make fun of Angie, which actors have killed themselves, a mix-up over "Casper", who actually died?, oh he was so cute, Peter and Pamela standing side-by-side but not knowing they were going into the same car, Pamela's various dramas, all our dramas, good loves, stupid people in our lives, great people in our lives, more random Mexican outburts by Cristina, Cristina being ever-so-cute with her sarcasm and facial expressions, dating tips in the men's bathroom according to Peter who ended up with random gel in his hands, and so much more. It was also hella-cool bumping into Shana and Chris from Cybersurf.

Pamela's Bi-Curious Night Out... New Definition of Friend: Someone who strikes up conversations with good-looking and pretty women (note: NOT butch please) to cheer up a wonderful girl friend who has just gotten out of a 10-year relationship with a guy and just needs to have some unforgettable fun. Thanks Cristina! Me a bit drunk and doing planks to a water bottle...

Then we ended up at Denny's tired and a bit drunk and out of it, I nearly put ketchup in my tea.

Thanks guys/girls/dolls, I love you.


February 4, 2007.
Author: Angie Hung


I was thinking about my high school days (Queen Elizabeth High School graduating class of 1994). Seriously, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT Angie Hung (of all people) was going to act, dance, choreograph, and sing and become a performer? Fack, if there is an example of a person who proves that you really can do amazing and unexpected things, it's me? Just throwing that out there? I hope this helps any kid in school who has had limited expectations thrown on them. Or any kid who is being pidgeon-holed. Fuck, you can do great in school AND be a physically-able and kick-ass dancer and/or choreographer and/or actor and/or whatever else?! I feel like I've re-written the history books.

Dance Montage 2006 was so much better than 2004, just throwing that out there too.


January 16, 2007.
Author: Angie Hung


Sometimes I don't know where I'd be without my friends, people who I can be totally myself around and still be accepted. My friends understand:

  • me dancing in my living room in the middle of the night, annoying the heck out of my neighbors, I'm sure
  • me being able to break out into dance in any situation
  • laughing at the silliest things and sometimes in inappropriate situations
  • seafood and dining out grand-style
  • why it seems I have no time to do anything because I'm busy doing everything!
  • how I can find Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Brad Renfro, random young male hockey player, Rachel McAdams, A&E, all darned attractive at the same time!
  • how I can see beauty in people from all walks of life and when it's not very obvious
  • how I can be a Christian in a very gay world, and have friends who are both
  • me smelling glossy magazines
  • random text messages
  • hating party poopers
  • jumping off high ledges and getting high, literally and otherwise
  • both appreciating some choreographers and having no respect for some other choreographers
  • enjoying movies just cause' they have young cute dancing guys or the fact that they break out into dance in the middle of a cafeteria
  • having an actor crush over Jesse Cadotte, Naomi Watts, Angelina Jolie, Rachel McAdams (she must be special, I'm mentioning her twice!), Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Clifton Collins Jr.
  • getting far in life by accurately imitating an Asian accent!
  • that businesswomen can be sexy dancing to Madonna's Vogue!
  • why women can be the source of incredible heartache!
  • Angie Hung, she likes em' young.
If my schedule wasn't busy enough, I'm now on the Calgary Cares committee for Aids Calgary! So if you wanna get tickets to this popular annual fundraiser, send me an email! It's guaranteed to be a fun night filled with heart-pounding dance (this year's theme is called "Pulse"), fashions, food, drink, and attitude!

Thank you to Joel from Airdrie at The Twisted Element who made me feel so special that night. What a beautiful person and an honor to dance with you.


December 10, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung

(as cleverly stated by Madonna way back when...)

It's telling that the only time I have to update this babble board is when I'm on "vacation" in Vancouver! Because when I'm home in Calgary, I'm way too busy.

Dance Montage was Fucking Awesome (!!), to put it delicately honestly. It took right up to the end of the dress rehearsal, but starting on opening night all the way through to the end of the show's run, the audience GOT IT, like actually fucking got it. They laughed and cheered their way as our ballerinas and hip hoppers battled it out to classical music. I had numerous people come up to me and just congratulate us (us being myself and my choreography partner Lorissa) on the piece. Little girls in the crowd sqealed with delight. Adults giggled. Teenagers, erm, whistled. Everybody enjoyed it and that's all I could ask for.

Thank you to our dancers for being incredibly gifted, talented, mature, and amazing. The audience got it because YOU all did. With absolute respect to my dancers from past years, this year's dancers were by far the best, especially in attitude. Perhaps it's also showing my growth as a choreographer, I've learned things along the way and hopefully I'll never stop learning. Or maybe this year we lucked out and got some pretty damned good dancers, in a lot of different ways.

I admit I prayed so hard for the piece to just shine. A lot of prayer went into the whole piece, including from way back in March when I prayed for the right ballet choreographer to come along. Seriously, thank you to the Lord who let this all happen. Thanks also to my dear friend Debbie in New York who totally gets the meaning of the show (the whole show, not just our piece) even though she's never seen it! Thanks to Marco and Carl who offered youtube vids showcasing just what types of dirty/naughty choreography we could use for our piece... ahem, it's a family show but that didn't stop us from wanting to make it sexual... hehe. Let's just say I'm surprised Matthew didn't mention what me and Oreo Cookie (Orianna) did during C Is For Cookie. Speaking of Matthew, he shines. Thank you to Sung, who could very well be the closest person I'm to, at Montage. I could hug her forever. Thanks to Julie England who sent me such a pleasant and surprising email, I had to bash my head into a wall to make sure I wasn't dreaming... Thank you to Dawn Dymond, for staying on the phone with me that night I just needed to vent. Thank you to Anne Flynn for her support! Thank you to all my friends who came and watched! Including Josh, Zeynep, Kimberly, Andrea, Corr, Tara, Bill, Catriona, Elaine, Ian, Jarrod, Linda, Marla, Pamela, Miguel, Evelyn (whose parties are like the coolest shit), and about ten others that I can't remember at the mo, but you know who you are (and if you don't, just text me and I'll bash you for being so ignorant) and to those you wanted to see it but couldn't physically come (and to list all of these people would drive me insane so I won't).

I dance like a dork but people still love me... go figure. (and thanks)

Some pics from backstage:

I love this pic of the two youngest (ahem) dancers in our group:

When our dancers presented Lorissa with her flowers:

Poor Cookie Monster:

Some action shots of our "Classical Chaos" piece courtesy of Tony Field:

It looks like Curtis is standing on Amy's shoulder when really he's just high...

Yeah, that's me with my arms too wide apart for a good handstand...

the hip hoppers do ballet...

folks on Denden must get a kick out of this one! ha ha

take a closer look...

I'm upside-down or maybe I'm the only one right-side up.

love this shot!

The Big Finale!

My pretty bud Inge is currently in Hong Kong, I like how she makes my birth city look more like Party Central / Animal Refuge... if you wanna see some awesome pics, visit her photo site:

Happy Birthday Norman! Take care of yourself, my dearest Catherine!

More pictures to come from Montage in the next post! Tomorrow I turn 30 (oh fuck) but because of my friends, inside I feel like... 17. For real, because of what I'm doing and who I get to hang out with and am very fortunate to call my friends, I feel so youthful. So thank you to everyone who knows me and gets me. You all are the reasons I live my life with passion, direction, humor, love, humility (well, not all the time), and zest.


October 30, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


It's time again to get your tix to Calgary's Dance Montage. Phone the campus ticket office at 220-7202. It's assigned seating so best to phone early as the show is nearly sold out every year. I have a piece in it called CLASSICAL CHAOS and I'm in another guy's piece too. Fun times.

Normally this blog is about good times/stuff, but sometimes I get into a serious or sentimental mood, so if you wanna read it, just highlight the next paragraph:

I just pray that some people who are good now, don't change. They are beautiful dancers and talented, with good attitudes. But after they are in a certain person's number, they don't want to dance in any other number anymore, and this makes me so sad. And then they become groupy with this person's dancers, and I guess dancers can be really insecure in that they feel the need to "fit in" with this group, and then unfortunately, they aren't nice nor secure people anymore. I'm sad that some dancers lose the reason they dance in the first place. For every single dancer that isn't like this, that is secure with themselves and love all sorts of dance (or at least appreciate it), I am thankful...
ok, fuck it. I wasn't going to type more on this, and I only wish that I could express to each and every one of my dancers this year for their patience, input, and good attitude, because I don't think they know how much I appreciate it. But then I get sad when I think some of these dancers will move/go on to that other person's number and not be nice people anymore and then get snooty and become reasons why sometimes I wish dance didn't exist.
And on a side note, I bet you that Jamie Freeman-Cormack does not realize why I try so hard in her class to the point where I bring a videotape in just to make sure I don't fall behind. I'm tired of having to prove myself as a dancer, I hate that I have to work so fucking hard just so that I can dance.

Thanks Lindsay for waking me up before Jazz class!
Dance Montage, Calgary, 2006, Calgary dancers, spam, etc etc etc.


August 28, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


I wonder why my face is so red...

Me with my two standard poisons: China White and Blowjob:

Marco lets out his aggressions:

Is there any question why I'm so happy?

Ivan using Angie just the way he likes it...

The adorable Carl:

Adam and Marco sharing me:

I love this picture, and I love these boys.

While most people take a rest during the summer, my schedule increases exponentially. Beyond the dance, acting, gymnastics, capoeira, and choreographing (not to mention full-time day job), I'm also house-sitting for a family who have a cute poodle named "George". THE place to meet people is at a park walking "your" dog, tee hee.

To any faithful Dance Montage readers of mine:
Learn your handstands now, yo! And other acrobatic/gymnastics-type moves. It's going to be a hella-fun and hella-strenuous audition and piece. And did I have a revival on Richard's return, it's so funny.

For the record, let me say that Allison Holker must be one of the coolest gal dancers on this planet. I was reading her Myspace profile and it talks about how the one person she wants to meet is Angelina Jolie (something which Hungy faithfuls know I've managed to do twice already)!! And how she (Allison, not Angelina) loves to eat! Oh, could this pretty and talented dancer get any cooler? (Answer is no). I hope she goes far and well in her dancing career or whatever career she wants to pursue. Safe to say I love girls who can dance AND eat!

I keep on getting kudos for my commercial being shown here in Calgary. It's been playing for nearly a year now, and I'm thankful for this. The funniest comment was from a lady who didn't realize I don't work for Pointss but I'm an actor and auditioned for the part and got it. She even asked me if I was a lawyer for the company... funny!

So some of the pics that you see above are of a few of my friends getting together in London England, and I guess I was able to make it though I look rather 2-dimensional, don't I? Here's a video of me doing some static dancing as well, with the boys, of course!!
The Dance.

Jaime Stephens, if you're out there, hit me up!


July 10, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


Thanks to Kasia for third pic above, and Christina for the final two! And thanks to Mother Nature for NOT bringing out the mosquitos this year.


June 22, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


A well-posed too-posed pic of Pamela and I, this past weekend's representatives for our acting agency. Pam looks hot, whereas I look (as usual) like a grinning dork. Thus is life with digital cameras. We were handpicked by the owner to go to a national modelling and talent search convention. In other words, good-looking kids who want to become "the next big thing" on the catwalk or on the stage. Let's not mention the fact that the parents were so intent on hyping their kids up and impressing us, though we had sharp eyes and knew what we were looking for (that is, kids who can be real as actors and who took risks). TIP: Don't be like the rest of em', do something different, or else we won't notice ya. The coolist thing was the callback session, where the kids we handpicked met up with us to further discuss coming onboard to our agengy. It was nice to be able to say to them: "Thank you for doing it your own way and taking risks. You're on our short callback list!" The second-coolest thing was doing the huge agent panel discussion (where we got to sit up front and act like be professionals and field questions). The third-coolist thing was the rows upon rows of parents smiling sweetly to us, in hopes we'll remember their child. All in all, a wicked experience and a classy one at that too.

Amongst the hours of judging talent, eating free food, and taking cases upon cases of Nivea Silky Shimmer Body Lotion (a sponsor) home, I also did a hella-lot of dancing. My friend Josh had his sweet-16-sorta-housewarming-party on Friday night, and we headed out to The Twisted Element after. Seeing as Boyztown and Detour are now closed, and the place wasn't exactly packed, just where do all the gay guys go on Friday nights?! Ha ha. The next night we went out to the Xlist Pride Festival 2006, a yearly big gay dance event. It started off fun but by by the end of the night, my ankle was hurting and my feet no longer wanted to dance to the repetitive trance that is obviously over-played every year at such events. Is it too much to ask for music with a melody?! At least they played Madonna. Note: It's great to have a lot of gay guy friends, but you end up being the lone girl, if not the only girl without a fellow girl at such events...

Thus was a truly happening weekend.

Next weekend (i.e., this weekend): Camping at Mount Kidd RV Park, then rushing back into town on Sunday for acting and choreographing. Busy.

The reason for my ankle pains was due to obtaining an ankle sprain while in gymastics (okay, so at least it was a legitimate reason). I was attempting a forward somersault from a trampoline onto a porta-pit (a feat that sounds amazing but is fairly easy when doing it onto a pit). However, I backed out mid-jump and somehow landed on the side of my left foot and not the bottom. Thus tearing some ligaments pretty badly and needing crutches and mom's home-cooking for the next few days. My adorable coworkers nicknamed me "Gimpy" and "Hop-Along" after that. Being the daredevil (stupid person) that I am, I was back in gymnastics the next week, though taking it more easy on the feet and spending more time on the hands.

After discovering that Allison (a jazzy new girl in my agent's acting workshop) and I are both actors and dancers, it was fun discussing the in's and out's and go's and between's of dancers and actors. It IS the most amazing thing when my acting world collides with my dancing world. We humourously concluded that dancers may show emotion in their body but certainly not their faces, whereas actors show emotion everywhere. You see, dancers pretend to be fine "up there" and actors... don't. Carrying on the discussion of dancers was Sung and I, at Boston Pizza, where we could literally go on (gossip) for hours about the dancers in Calgary, which dancers are cool and nice and jazzy, which ones, well, aren't, and which ones could be cool but look hot or could be hot but act cool, or the ones that are lukewarm and try hard to fit in amongst certain groups of people (i.e., dancers that try hard to be popular). It's interesting to note that we agreed on many dancers.

We got into Dance Montage! We being myself and my fellow choreographer Lorissa. Sweet and sour. Thus we embark on our choreographing hip hop and ballet adventures. I will not say what music we will be using, only that it will be a pleasant shock to the people who audition on September 10. See you's there.


April 7, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


Oh My! I haven't seen my old roomate in about five years. And (hope she doesn't see this though I've already told her, hehe), she's become really hot! You go Krutz! She's the one with the reddish hair in the first two piccies above.

Third Pic:
Here's Susan who should be in Newfoundland Canada but is in Vancouver because her boyfriend is studying there, whereas Tamir who should be in Israel, wait, no, London England (or wherever Mel C is), but decided to take a detour to Vancouver, and here's Angie who lives in Calgary but was in Vancouver to surprise her mom. What is the point I'm desperately trying to make here?! It is that a Dendener Meeting took place at a place where it should not have happened with people who shouldn't have been there!!! Tres cool, n'est pas? Speaking of Montreal Vancouver, every time I fly into the city, I get feelings that this is my real hometown, and not Calgary, although I prefer Calgary's lifestyle and pace much better. And this comment is neither here nor there.

Fourth Pic:
Had to take a picture of the live seatback television aboart the WestJet (gotta love them) flight.

Fifth Pic:
This was Shaw TV's explanation of an episode of Godiva's. Note that "his wife" is played by my sista!

Sixth Pic:
Minimalist. Nothing of the sort, but just a picture of my work desk and the occupants on it. Transformers for those of you who did not grow up in the 80s.

A short synopsis of my life recently:
Called in the middle of a work call, to see when I can rehearse as an actor for the national medical exam, meanwhile having to not attend one of my jazz classes (I hate missing classes) so that I can get to the choir rehearsal early for this Sunday's Easter show, while going to the mall at lunch to get a card for the worship pastor then having my credit card declined and "not honored", then phoning my work phone to get my messages where the MasterCard department at work was calling to say that they expected fraud on my card because some transactions were done in Vancouver, and me having to rush back to tell them that I was in Vancouver last week to surprise my mother on my birthday, and ended up making some transactions at places like restaurants and Toys'R'Us, though they still cancelled the card saying it was "compromised", and having to issue me a new credit card number, and speaking of Vancouver, it was a great trip (mostly), where I ended up hiding in the really nice bathroom at the restaurant and pretended to phone my mom from Calgary when I was only a few metres away, and my mom and dad being surprised, as well as my cousin who will be the News Editor of Ubyssey next year (congratulations!), then managing to see my "oldest" friend Debbie (when I say oldest I mean we've known each other since about kindergarten and not age-wise), and meeting her fiance Gareth (lovely couple they make), and then going clubbing with my former roomate Kruti then going from club to club as the line-ups were too long and we ended up going to a club right outside my sister's building in Vancouver and she being able to see us in the line-up from her condo window and trying to give me tips on how to get us in earlier, and then my sister joining us later on, and me being bought two nice girly-girl drinks (Bacardi Breezers) and adding that to my Blue Hawaiian which made me slightly tipsy and I danced all night long mostly with Kruti's friend because Kruti had ended up seeing another guy she wanted to talk to, and us making back-and-forth text messages explaining where we were and then my cell phone was running low on battery power, and I was texting people to tell them to text Kruti's friend's phone, and then another day while I was lunching with my sister, I got a call from my friend in Calgary saying she had just done something "very naughty" at a club in Vancouver and told me to check out Davie Street, where coincidentally I had I just come from, and while at night lying on my bed I get a call from my friend Denis in Germany who briefly informs me about his plan to travel the world with me to cities we've never been to and scare the heck out of local residents by doing craaazy dances, oh I love you Denis! Breathe. Use punctuation. And that was only 2 days/nights worth!

My sister got comp(limentary) tickets to Yuk Yuk's. The show was enjoyable, 7 comics and a very laid-back headliner presented their routines. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the two Asian comics (c'mon, let's admit it's a bias, perhaps true, that Asians become doctors and not comics). One of the many funny comments was that because he's an Asian (comic), he should represent their cause and stick up for their rights. Then he joked: "So I was going to say how bad we got it in Vancouver. But WHO ARE WE KIDDING?! Asians have it great here!" (Tis true. You get such-and-such Seafood Restaurant and Bubble Tea places every ten metres.) Another memorable joke was how some people remark to others that: "You look tired." And how this is such a lame and rude thing to say to someone because "Come ON, WHO LOOKS GOOD TIRED?" Amen Sista.!

To Close Off:
Remember when I said acting was my passion and that dance was just for fun? Now I'm considering re-wording this ditty to: "Dancing is my passion and I want to work as an actor. Heck, I want to dance for the rest of my life. And I think I will."


March 27, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


I know, I know, I'm young I haven't updated this in absolute ages! It's because my schedule is fuller than Simon Fuller and Kim Fuller put together (both Spice Girls prodigies). To make up for it, I've posted a snazzy picture from Dee and Chris's wedding from last summer that I found stored on my mom's computer (awww). She labelled it "AngieDeeChrisandfriends" (double awww).

I'm off to Vancouver for a couple of days, to see friends and to surprise my mom on her birthday! (Rest assured she does not read this babble board). Or perhaps she does, in which case she is a very accepting person! May meet up with Tamir, who last saw me at my best worst very drunk and throwing up (may sound good on paper, but not in real life). I have an image I need to redeem. And may meet up with Kruti, my former roomate (fate brought us together, as we bonded right away over family-garbage habits, over-protective parents, and good-looking male footie (soccer) players).

Best wishes to Norman on his wardrobe-assistant interview!
Good night food and good luck to Jamie who is in China.
Hope Marc is doing well studying music management in the UK.
Hello to my constant-amigo-pal Robbie. May I never forget your friendship during the pangs of my job search.
I plan to travel the world and wreak havoc with my Denis. Only you and I can pull off the type of dancing we do, and still come off as hardcore cool. Plus we're both crazy.
I have the best acting partner in the world: Pamela!
Thank you for your presence, Marco. And take good care of Carl.
If Madonna calls tours, perhaps I'll see her in New York with Debbie S.
Speaking of Debbie, a huge hug to my friend Debbie B and her fiance Gareth on their engagement. I met Debbie way back in Grade 1 while riding our bikes in the neighborhood (Richmond, BC). Back then, before the Internet, people became friends because they did cool things like ride their bikes around the 'hood.
Still seeing Josh every now and then at his shows. Though I wonder if he's going to invite me to any more after my "oh! You sung sooo much better tonight than last time!" comment. The funny thing is that I thought he sung well at his disco show, but still better at the last show. Though this is water under the bridge now, hehe.
One of my many brothers: Alexandre.
Have to party hardy with Rob again.
Dinner with the beautiful Sung.
Ivan, you (and your horny self) are in my prayers.
I owe you a long PM, Jobsty. (you and about 20 other people)
Keep on designing those restaurants / pubs / clubs / dance-halls, Nikki. You make great designs but can't figure out how to text those in the UK. This cracks me up, well almost.
My Cranium partner in LA: Martin.
What can I say Jon? I miss our stalking expeditions in London.
Congrats Erick on getting your pilot's license!
Keep on doing your music and your thing, Namullim.
To Marjolein and Marieke (cause' face it, you two go together), hope you get closer and closer to P!nk until one day you're her new Laura! Ha ha.
Jason! Keep being your own person, love ya!
Joz and Emily, you're such a sweet couple! Whenever the "Great Wall of China" pops up, I think of you.
Ella, keep on loving Tegan & Sara!
You are one of the maddest people I know, Tina!!!
Jay and James, I always get you both mixed up!
Dee honey, I'd link to you if you had a myspace or a hi5. You're popular enough as it is. (wink)

I'm getting Stronger, having more endurance, and standing taller on my hands. Boo-yaa.

If any of you's are in Calgary, be sure to check out our Easter musical drama called "The Choice"! It's a full choir with actors in costume. And just for you, admission is free! It's not only going to be fun to watch (and hear me sing one line off-key) but has a poignant message. Bethany Chapel: 3333 Richardson Way SW, Calgary. Sunday April 9th. Two showings: 10:45 am and 6:30 pm. Is it sinful to be so excited about an Easter musical? (ha ha ha). Seriously though, you will have a good time. For more info, phone 249-8605.

My iPod now has 1124 songs, and that's after a lacklustre (honestly) attempt to fill it up with incredibly cool and trendy the-most-electic-song-tastes-EVER songs from my dusty CDs. When you set it to Shuffle, you get everything from ultra-obscure (and thus hip) songs from bands that nobody knows (which thus makes them hip) to the purest of pop to Gospel to R&B to Classical to Alternative to Punk to New Kids on the Block okay I admit it: New Kids on the Block (I would have forgotten Hold On Girl, hold on if it weren't for my iPod) to German folk music to 20s Dance (yes, they danced back then) to Old School Dance to Current Dance to Trancy Dance to Rock to 70s to Disco to Canadian Folk (if you can classify it as that) to Latin to Swiiiing to Hip-Hop to Easy Listening to Jazz to Unclassifiable. All this says that I'm a Music. Nerd. Period. Or that I am both a Music Prodigy GENIUS and a Loser who listens to music only my dad would know. I now forget the point I was trying to make... Oh well. Music kicks the llama's ass.

To the people who told me at the Holla audition and in hip-hop class: "I love watching you dance."... ... ... THANK YOU THANK YOU, your words are a blessing to my ears and comfort to my soul. May you be blessed back 7 times 77 times!

I am REALLY starting to Love jazz dance. I started taking it back in 1997 and am still keepin' it goin'!


January 21, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung


I can't be arsed to find another perverted picture of me and my friends new picture for this update so here's a few of my favorite pictures of two of my favorite soccer players (aka David Beckham and Michael Owen).

Been getting into free web blogs/friends/networking sites, links below, feel free to add me if you know me!
(Side Note: Most of my friends are on myspace, Hi5 is cool too though it seems only Calgary dancers use it).

I haven't had time to breathe lately, much less sleep! A small list of activities that I'm partaking (just to use a fancy word) in include: dancing, acting, singing (choir), gymnastics, gym/weights/cardio, drama/choreography coordinator for Bethany Chapel's Easter show/musical (reminds me of a Broadway show), and the occasional clubbing/dancing outting... and when I have time: movies and dinners with friends. I'm also working on a funny movie script about Chinese people in a Canadian world with my friend Elaine. Speaking of the Easter show, hella-cool that the people that came to Bethany's Christmas show numbered more than those that went to Dance Montage! And frick, it's a Christmas musical about Christmas, whowouldathunkit???!!!

I and some of my friends/colleagues have been seeing my commercial on Citytv for "Pointss". In fact, it played twice during the duration of me typing up this babble post. I also ran into an old lady who I've never met before (Hilda) who claimed she recognized me from it! Sweet. Fippy. Yay!


January 2, 2006.
Author: Angie Hung

a SMASHING new year's!!!

Had one of the best New Year's EVER. Went to an 80s reunion dinner theatre / interactive show / party. My friend Josh played Warren the geek. Rob went as Pubes, Stephanie went as a Minor (well that was my accidental nickname for her!), Adam went as Spitz, and I went as Angie (oh the ingenuity). Bullet points from the evening:

  • .me getting increasingly mad as the 80s Trivia progressed... and showing my anger, and being a teenager emo.
  • .the four of us forming an air band and creating so much dance / ruckus on stage that the MC nicknamed us the Masters of Disaster
  • .SMASHING two emptied beer bottles after forgetting I was holding glass, and thinking I was holding a genuine pair of drumsticks
  • .the audience getting a kick out of the above!
  • .the extra nice waitress getting me fruit in place of cheesecake.
  • .dancing with my eyes closed
  • .making fifteen new friends in the course of a few hours.
  • .me and Bob realizing we didn't know each other from before after fifteen minutes of conversation! then realizing that Bob knows my good friend Elaine.
  • .verbal faux pas of labelling Stephanie a minor, teehee.
  • .groping the ass of a beautiful woman twice! (entirely by accident, I swear, ma!)
  • .random people coming up to me, introducing themselves to me, and congratulating me on my moves on stage.
  • .running around the room like a mad-woman, trying to find items we could use for the air band
  • .not caring what drinks I ordered as long as it had Grenadine or Blue Curacao
  • .dirrrrty jokes as the night wore on.
  • .ending the last dance with Josh and the woman with the nice arse.
  • .hi-fiving the lady from the "Library Committee", I was in the ever so popular "Chess Club"
  • .discussing at the table what is recognized first: boobs, butt, or eyes. REGARDLESS of gender, hehe. for me, it's eyes and face.
  • .free drink tickets (thanks Rob and Adam).
  • .the toy microphone
  • .Adam and I talking about what a great night it was and how such an night could never be scripted.
  • .our table being the very last one to leave that night. Either we're drop-dead party'ers or losers who never leave after everybody else has...
Thanks to everyone for coming together and making such an unforgettable evening / early morning. Thanks Rob for sharing your Magic Beans! Thanks Josh for the awesome geek dance to MC Hammer! Thanks to the "Principal" for the close dance...

Christa and I ended up going to The Nutcracker back in December. I knew I had good seats, but imagine our glee / shock when we found out not only were we third row, we were right by the center aisle and had no obstructions what-so-wonderfully-ever, not even a hair! Never before (and probably never again) will we have such decent seats, we were marvelling at the entire sight, including being able to see the full expressions on all the dancers' faces! The show was ace. And so is Tchaikovsky.


December 16, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Some people are aware of what I'm going through. Although I should be feeling down, God has filled me with joy, no matter how hard I've tried to be in sorrow!

Rob(macca), Krista, Marg, Travis, Elaine, Sung, Kruti, Cristina, Peter, Pamela, Josh, Winnie, Dawn, Sam, Ivan, Dee, Rose, Esther, Loretta, Stannie, Debbie S, Debbie B, Norman, Terin, and to those in the near future who I know will have words beyond wise. Thank you.


December 3, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Inge and Marc try to force sausages down my ass:

We're performing the Stop dance!

Me with two incredibly gorgeous friends:

Can you believe I don't even remember doing this?!

Thanks to Carl for the above pictures! A reminder that we all need to have fun and F'ing embarrass ourselves by getting pissed-out drunk and end up dancing with everyone on the floor and the tables. Seriously though, passing out was not a hilite of my summer!!

I shot my commercial! It was shot a few weeks ago and was a brilliant experience. From the expert make-up and hair person (who showed me how to narrow my nose and apply lip gloss perfectly) to the kind producer/director to my funny co-actor to the cameraman (who turned out to be an old friend from high school, Nick!), it was a most pleasurable experience. The commercial should be on Citytv (formerly A-Channel) now or very soon. I've seen a rough cut of the commercial, and I must say I'm very impressed. We had to do a few audio touch-ups in a studio due to a dirty mic, and even that was a hella-awesome experience. I felt like a star minor minor celebrity.

Ever showcasing my intence music geekery, I spent several hours a few nights ago uploading choice songs into my brand new 20 gig Ipod! Even with my varied taste in all things music (I pretty much dig everything aside from repetitive house/trance and twangy twangy country), I don't know how I'll fill up 5000 songs! I bought it through a work auction benefitting the United Way. I (heart) it. It's a wonder why I didn't buy one earlier. To be able to get a "high" on a moment's notice (in this case, switching on the Ipod and plugging in the headphones). What makes me a bigger music geek is that after spending countless hours uploading and organizing music, I spent the rest of the night only listening to the 'Gospel & Worship' genre (after creating too many genres including 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, classical, country (wtf?), swing, alternative/punk, folk, elevator, pop, dance, and so on). For those of you interested, I only created two playlists, "High" and "Sad". Oh, I'm so incredibly descriptive! Both playlists do show that I have the most varied tastes EVER.

High: (songs played when I'm already high or want to get there)

  • Dangerous - Roxette
  • Estoy Aqui - Shakira
  • When Smokey Sings - ABC
  • Oh Sherry - Steve Perry
  • You Get What You Give - The New Radicals
  • Love Song - Sky
  • Shackles (Praise You) - Mary Mary
  • Kyrie - Mister Mister
Sad: (songs played when I want to be sad or contemplative) Ironically, some of these songs also make me feel good inside.
  • Everytime - Britney Spears
  • Bitter Green - Gordon Lightfoot
  • If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot
  • You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  • Hands To Heaven - Breathe
  • Won't Last A Day - The Carpenters
  • Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters
Finally, how hilariously ironic that Madonna not only samples ABBA in her latest album, she confesses her love for the quartet in a recent interview:

Andrew: What did, do, Abba mean to you?

Madonna: Well first of all every one of their songs is like the soundtrack to something that happened in my life and um, Dancing Queen, is like you know, I'm sure that song was written about me. Um, I just love their music. Its not just dance music; there's something very poetic about it.

Ironic because our Dance Montage piece last year was called Dancing QUEENS!! and it used an ABBA song as well.

A friend recently commented to me: "I've never met an actor who was shy." AMEN! Being the triple threat that I am (I sing, act, and dance, not particularly in that order), it fascinates me how similar and different all these types of people can be (and when you're all three, imagine the contradictions!). But true, most actors I've met aren't shy, because they are forced to be real and vulnerable when immersed in their craft. Sure, some actors are shy, but they still overcome this and are willing to connect with people. I've met the most shy dancers in the world, ever! Singers, I don't know them well enough yet...


November 15, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Definition of creepy: The fact that I dressed up as a person that not only turns evil but who I also have a bit of a crush on.

Halloween Party Fun! Had three continuous days/nights in a galaxy far far away of hella-fun going as Anakin Skywalker for Halloween. First was an enormous house party thrown by Kasia on Saturday night with the most bleepingly-awesome decorations and sounds inside and outside, then Sunday afternoon with my acting cohorts, then Monday at work where I had fun swinging my light saber at the heads of work friends. Oh, I do amuse myself. I have a bit of a crush on young Anakin (specifically the teenage and young adult version). I'm sure the fact that Anakin looks exactly like the gorgeous actor Hayden Christensen has nothing to do with it at all! Hehe. Ya know, I could have kept Anakin from turning evil...

Just to mention her name on this board: Michelle DeJean. And the rest of the cast of the show "Chicago" that swung by Calgary recently. It was so ace that I went twice. First with Peter, then with Pamela. The singing, choreography, dancing, dancers, and even acting went off better than water off a duck's back. Dancers like me eat shows like this up! There are still a lot of major musicals I have not seen, so perhaps it's because I don't have much to compare with. But I digress... the show was worthy of its expensive price! However:
Number of times I had to explain to people that I WASN'T going to Chicago the city, but Chicago the show: 25.

Anybody want to join me at my new HOME on Tuesday nights? For any dancers or gymnasts who want to know why this is my new home, drop me an email. This is also an invite to any dancers who can perform specific gymnastic feets feats.

I got my first commercial!!! It's going to be shown on one of them major Calgary TV stations (and seeing as there's no more than three such stations, it's a one in three chance you can figure out which one it is). Hint: this station has affiliates all across Canada. Oh wait, so do the other two... So if you think that secretary on TV really looks and sounds like Angie Hung, chances are you're right!

(For my own sanity, these are some of the people that I owe PMs or emails or phone calls (or just want to catch up with them): Kasia, Debbie B, Debbie S, Yosef, Alexandre, Jobst, Carl, Mike in the UK, Ina, Terin, Evelina, Yuli, Peter, Kruti, Jesse, Norman, Robmacca, Tina, Paul, Basti, Raluca (hello there!), Nikki M, Andrea P, "Jamie", Dee, Erick, Alex (Namullim), Sung, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie)


October 24, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


This update, long-awaited, highly-anticipated, and badly-needed, will be the most varied to date:

Several weekends ago, Ina and I played a game called "How Many Activities Can One Fit Into A Weekend Without Going Absolutely Nutters?" It went like this: The most riskiest phone call of my life on Friday afternoon, Friday evening's performance of Swan Lake (never thought there would be a day where I would purposely go to the ballet, but Tchaikovsky changed all that), driving out to Banff on Saturday morning, doing the gondola (worth it), taking gorgeous pictures, shopping in commercial Banff, driving back that afternoon, go-karting for the next two hours as I was the team captain for the sport for the Calgary Corporate Challenge, heading home for a one-hour power nap before driving the three point five hours to Edmonton, blasting Britney Spears the entire drive (thank you Jack for giving me that limited edition disc), walking around downtown Edmonton at three in the morning, visiting a particular posh hotel, soaking in a jetted tub for an hour, doing West Edmonton Mall the next day, and then driving back to Calgary in the late afternoon so that I could shoot a scene for an independent film I am doing. Yes, all of this was accomplished in three nights and two days!

I am a health care worker! At least that's what the nurse who gave me my entirely-impromptu flu shot in the lobby of the Medical Skills Building at the University of Calgary called me. I was there for a practice session for the acting job of a "Standardized Patient" (I get paid to duplicate specific ailments), then suddenly the nurse present asked us if anybody wanted a flu shot, to which I said yes (call me a needle nerd, but I get a flu shot every year and it prevented me from getting the flu for the past eight years, and to suddenly get asked if I wanted one for free was too hard for me to turn down without a smile). I was happy that I managed to get one this year even before the senior citizens who have to pay to get one at Co-op! Oh, the (few) kickbacks of being a health care worker actor.

Young people these days.... I never thought I'd be saying this (as I plan to always stay youthful), but Young People These Days!. Pamela (my whore, joke about our acting scene) asked me to attend the Hedley concert with her. It was full of teenagers. Normally, this isn't an issue at all, since many of my friends are young guys and girls, but since when did it become acceptable behaviour to push and shove every five minutes in order to move forwards AND backwards in a packed standing-room-only concert? Moving forward is slightly understandable, but moving backwards is not. Crazy. And too bad some of the kids were caught up in taking pictures and texting friends with their cell phones than to actually watch the show. WTF? I was very amused by it all. Also amused by me nearly taking a pair of scissors and chopping off the hair-sprayed fifteen-inch-tall hair strands of the girl in front of me (she/it/them was blocking my view). There was also this couple that was making out, where the guy's body was so femininely-shaped that Pamela and I both thought he was a she (and thus thought that young lesbians are now out and proud)! Youth aside, the concert was enjoyable and I helped Pamela get a picture of the lead singer, Jacob, kissing her on the cheek.

My sister and I went to the Mynt Ultralounge on Friday night. At first, it didn't look good. Literally. It seemed full of old(er) men (remember: Angie Hung, she likes them young). Perhaps I'm too used to gay clubs full of young and hella-cute gay guys. But as the night wore on, it got good. Mostly because they played a great variety of music, from hip-hop to Spanish (Bambaleo) to (YES!) mixes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. In fact, they played two of my favoritist Madonna songs: Vogue and Like A Prayer. So the night started off on a bit of a bum (and we saw a few big bums that night, unfortunately) note, but changed to me pleasurably dancing the night away in unadulterated bliss. Maybe I'm one of them folks that need time to adapt back to straight clubs! I've been gaying it for so long! One reason I love going to The Twisted Element (arguably Calgary's most popular gay/other club) is because going there reminds me of the theme song to the 80s show Cheers, "where everybody knows your name". Seriously, it seems that everyone I know that is gay or gay-friendly goes there, and it puts a smile on my face seeing my friends all night long. Another reason to go to Twisted is the free parking outside! (I'm one of the few that prefer to drive to clubs, as I prefer dancing to drinking, and make sure my friends have a safe and warm ride home). Oh, I'm so good.

Several months ago, I landed my first commercial, which was to be shot alongside Darryl Sutter, coach of the Calgary Flames. I was shocked to get it, since I beat other more-glamorous girls. But too bad, they decided to go with a completely other concept (using young kids), so I didn't get to meet the hockey star and coach. I feel Darryl should personally come over to my house and greet me in person, to make up for this letdown (hee hee). I think it was my excitability, giddiness, and passion that got me the part. Plus my audacity to squeeze the bicep of the guy pretending to be Darryl for the audition (hee hee again).

A few weeks ago, Michele Moss, from the UofC Dance Department, asked the question: "Why Dance?": I ask the question: "Why Choreograph?" I choreograph because I see the beauty in so many different kinds of dancers and unlike many choreographers out there, I give such people the chance to dance, and they never cease to amaze me. Though sometimes, I tire of being the good person. I really do. Here's a very recent quote by a well-known singer/dancer/performer:

"I know what it's like to dance your heart out and have them go, 'Thanks, you can leave now,' It's terrible."

Believe it or not, this quote comes from Madonna (!!), in a recent interview about her relationship with her dancers. It's poignant that Madonna understands what I feel like a lot of the time. How you can dance your heart out but still get passed over.

I will be attending Dance Montage this year. Even though I'm not in it this year, I have a lot of friends dancing in it, and I love seeing them dance! Word on the street is that I'll be ogling a few of the dancers as well. It's also very interesting that when I peruse my high school yearbook, I see pictures of people in younger grades who ended up auditioning for me!

If God Was A Choreographer:

  • HE'd make a perfect dance piece for every single performer...It wouldn't matter if you're a beginner dancer (not me) or one who is highly technically-trained (not me) or one who rules the dance clubs on Friday and Saturday nights (me).
  • All the dance pieces, no matter what genre or dance level, would fricking rule!
  • HE'd allow everyone to dance, not just those who belong to a specific group of people.
  • The audience would be packed every night and love every performance in its own special way.
  • HE'd make the right choices for all of his dance pieces, and not pre-judge anybody.

Too bad God isn't a choreographer, at least not here on earth.

Finally, thank you to Tim Rice who unabashedly opened up his home to myself and my friend Jamie, when I was over in London this past summer. He also gave us souvenirs in the likes of CDs and his autobiography. I love the man! Here's a pic of us in his London home office.

P.S. Whoever in Calgary that keeps coming to my page (I see it in my web log files), please tell me who you(s) are! I don't mind being stalked, but have the courtesy to say hello, please and thanks. Tsk.


September 14, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


I'm exhausted after (censored) activity across the ocean. But enough talk. Let the PICTURES speak for themselves!!!


August 6, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Since I've been away from here for the past month, doing everything possible under the sun, including (more) camping (and no, Dee, not the gay kind!), Shakespeare in the Park times 2, going-away parties, BBQ's, dancing, art galleries, and more. A rest at home doing absolutely nothing would be welcomed but in preparations for the nights of drink and debauchery in London (England, not Ontario) and Germany coming up end of August, I dare to guesstimate that I won't have any free time unless time stops and the earth stops turning. My itinerary is full, and includes three train stops visiting three different groups of people in Germany alone. Let's NOT mention the huge party on September 3rd in London... and then the wedding of the century (only if you buy into the worldly vitality of Denden). I kid you not. Let's get on with it...

The night of the "role reversal"! (Cue the raised eyebrows when it was the guys who cooked us females the dinner, and I mean it was a DINNER. Mussels, salad with every vegetable imaginable, salmon smothered under half a bottle of white wine, country chicken with more vegetables, and two flavors of pie for dessert!... anyhow, before the meal, Kasia and I managed to fall asleep on the couch and the guys had to wake us up to tell us the dinner was ready, hee hee):

Cuteness! Catherine, Matty, and Joe at Calgary's Shakespeare in the Park (enjoyable, A Midsummer Night's Dream was done using 80s music including those of her Madgesty herself, Madonna!:

The camping group gathers together before doing a gruelling 7 km hike up a mountain!

Enjoying the view...

Hilarity ensues when one tries to take an automatic picture with the camera perched dangerously on the hood of a minivan:

Ewelina and I take our lives into our own hands:

Ziko performing a headstand... or is it yoga?:

Some nature shots I took. It's way more breathtaking than the pictures show:

Taken at a friend's gig at a private club called The Underground:

A few spare bits that don't fit in the photo journal:

Madonna's new single from her upcoming album "Confessions On A Dancefloor" is called HUNG UP. Yes, dare I be so self-sycophantic to suggest that it's named after me! Oh, how I amuse myself... Apparently, Madonna's going back to dance, and her publicity agent is saying it contains no messages, no preaching, just dance. In my humble opinion, dance music can and does say a heck of a lot. I'm looking forward to this album. If you have not danced to Madonna music, then you have not lived.

Visit my friend Debbie's site: Miami and Mun2. It's a kickin' dance show airing out of Miami. And Debbie is an even cooler girl airing out of New York. My stay with her in 2001 is one of the most memorable trips of my life. Oh, the stories we could tell about my times there! The half-naked old woman, the blood spatters, taking a train home at night after the Madonna gig, the premature police calling, and that was only on the first night!


July 2, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Nevermind the once-again dorky expression on my face, I've been having a perfectly dorky brilliant past few weeks that can only be described as heavenly smooth-sailing. Evidence is in the hella-cool pictures above, taken in Calgary's Cafe Mediterranean (what you're seeing is a Turkish way of smoking called "Sheesha" done through a device called a "Hookah" and really the only way I will ever smoke!), and in Calgary's Vicious Circle which has a delightful variety of over 100 martinis (some better than others... note that the Disco Stu is 100 times better than the sour OJ-taste of the Lava Lamp). Now how long can I carry on a sentence for?! And let's just say that if I posted the other pictures taken recently, I could get in a lot of trouble! (all in fun of course, hee hee)

Saw the musical Bat Boy with Denis and Jarrod (two FABULOUS guys) and although a bit unsure as to how the story would present itself (c'mon, a musical about a boy who looks like a bat?), the production was enjoyable and very well pulled off, many thanks to the energy of the main and supporting actors. As per the "Hungy Wungy" style, I had my favorite cute guy picked out, he was a member of the backing ensemble. (Another reality of the "Hungy Wungy" style is to notice and fall in love with a back-up dancer by the end of the evening).

One of my dancers, Cameron, was on the cover of Outlooks, a Canadian national gay magazine. Shirtless. Insert compliments here. Speaking of dancers, I keep on bumping into at least one a week. Last were Veronica and Jennifer, who did great jobs in a more alternative dance show called Plink Plink Plink (a show where in the midst of passing time before it began, Denis and I were having lotsa fun saying the most UNpolitically-correct things!). And it was lovely to see my dancer friend Taryn (who is on my list of favorite people) who told me about the show just in time!


June 8, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


Not literally, but these are words from a song at Steven's karaoke birthday party tonight at a club called "Spadz" (that's Spadz as in Spades). Twas a great night, really. Connected with a lot of people, sang croaked a few songs, drank a little, ate a lot, and finally managed to put ice down Denis's pants.

I really can't keep up with this is it summer yet? spring season.

Happy Birthday DJ Steve!

Picture above taken by me with my digital camera. Ace... of spades. :)


June 2, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


In the past few months, I've really been shown what real beauty is. I've met people who inspire and move me, and who know what true love and beauty can be, and they are mature to see it in me and in others. And because of this, they are beautiful. When asked what I respect in others, it is many things, but particularly someone who:

  • doesn't gossip or needlessly put down others
  • can see the beauty in people when it's not readily apparent at first
  • is loyal
  • has a unique outlook on issues/life
  • stands up for themselves when right, stands up for their friends when needed, and stands up to their friends when it's time to
  • takes the risk to love others and let others love them, knowing full well that they may be hurt in the process
  • can both laugh joyfully and cry for real if that's what their true emotions are
  • can forgive when their friends make a mistake
  • is honest about themselves and about others without being unecessarily cruel
  • can pack 4 people's camping equipment into one trunk of a car ;-)
  • is named Denis and is from Germany :-)


June 1, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


(Oscar-winning lyricist of many award-winning songs and productions like Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Aida, Chess, Disney's The Lion King and Aladdin, and more)... is now up. Clickie here for your reading and viewing pleasure.


May 31, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


The above pictures were taken this past weekend by my friend Ewelina, who coincidentally is the only person not in any of the pictures (but I will fix that once I get my pictures uploaded, tee hee). A most lovely weekend that nobody (aside from God) could have scripted better. From the gorgeous weather to scenic highways to people ready for the arrival of summer to the greatest invention of all (freezies), "amazing" wouldn't even begin to describe it. A group of six of us ventured out into wilderness territory (well as much as you can call it that, with the modern updated campsite bathrooms) and had the time of our lives. I think we all experienced so many cool sights, sounds, and discussions, that mentally, we all grew at least one year, in the span of one weekend. Whoa.

The main points from the weekend (only the main ones as listing them all would take an hour):

  • all of us buying red freezies and eating/enjoying them like little children would (bar Ewelina who bought the lone yellow one, oh the rebel, lol)
  • finding a perfect pair of shorts... ... ...
  • hiking to the man-made hot springs with Denis's "new" pair of sunglasses, wink
  • laughing about possibly bumping into the "original" owner of the sunglasses, wink wink
  • others being in bliss (won't go into how that came about, lol)
  • driving in perfect weather to the "hidden" hot springs in a huge valley on a dirt road overlooking a very high cliff, and jumping right in (to the water, not over the cliff). (I know, I'm detailed to a fault).
  • kicking a soccer ball around, actually two balls
  • the fact that no communication/preparation took place regarding who should bring what, but then the perfect amount and variety of food and drink and condiments were brought (though more booze than we could handle, go figure that one). Nothing better than having hot dogs with all the fillings after a day of hiking and hot-springing
  • driving back to the campsite from the hidden springs right at sunset time so the sun was a glowing yellow egg yolk
  • listening to a very wide variety of music (from Cat Stevens to the Beatles to (yes) classical music - we are music geeks and I mean that in the most wonderful way)
  • painting portraits of ourselves using the campfire charcoal
  • Baha Rosa, Bacardi Rum Vanilla, and Jagermeister
  • learning songs in different languages, and singing Christmas songs in the middle of summer! and learning how silly "Oh Tattenbaum" is, as well as every other kid song out there
  • lying on the bench floor, all six of us, in a line, side-by-side, staring at the stars for an hour (and making the most funny randomest statements ever). The night was so clear, you could make out even the tinier constellations.
  • buying a tent and setting it up in 5 minutes 15 minutes
  • talking until 3 in the morning about anything and everything
  • Ewelina magically being able to pack everybody's gear into my trunk
  • Barbara Streisand's "Memories", how beautifully ironic...

Thank you to Denis, Ricci, Ewelina, Steven, and Joe for the most unexpected wickedest time!


April 21, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung


I'm so going to try to avoid from swearing in this here short post. (I'll use substitute words such as "blipping" or "hella" when I want to swear). But I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our dancers from Dance Montage 2004 (see the post below from December 4 for more). After viewing the DVD like 5124 times, I'm shocked at how good our piece is! Now this may seem egotistical, or that I'm some kind of braggart, but when you consider that we didn't use that many advanced dancers at all in our piece, it turned out more than scrumptious-icily HELLA-good. It's such a fun piece to watch and I'm sorry that I didn't even realize this until now. Thank you to the dancers who put so much of their own selves and their own moves into the piece. You all so blippingly rule. You see, Dance Montage can be a very groupy and isolating event. Dancers ARE very clique-y. Perhaps because the dance faculty at the University of Calgary is quite small. And it's so easy to get carried away with only choosing the best-looking (though might I add that all our dancers were very fine!) or the most flexible or the most experienced dancers. Sure, you can have a kick-ass piece with such dancers, but imagine the much more admirable challenge of using dancers that aren't as experienced or aren't as flexible. We so seriously kicked some Calgarian dancin' ass!

And that's why Roxana Menzies rules too. She choreographed a piece for beginner/intermediate dancers even though she can so work with advanced dancers at an advanced level. Roxy is like a gift from God, no exaggeration.

PS. I still don't know all the choreography in our (me and Elaine's) piece, LOL.


April 17, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung

Angie Hung, She Likes Them Young!

Yes, don't blink. That's me in the above picture, looking like Madonna circa 1990 or a lesbian Marilyn Monroe circa 1959. Taken at a fundraiser for schizophrenia and they needed actors to play famous movie characters. (Coincidentally, I was actually going as Thelma from Thelma and Louise).

Things I actually said today:

She drinks a lot of Chinese soy juice for white trash.
Please say you've got something on more trashier than that!
You look like Christina Aguilera but not as trashy! (sorry Christina, love you, really)
Who took my trash garbage bag?!

Aside from an obvious over-use of the word trash, don't judge a person by her blog, he he. All of the above were said in an acting showcase I was in for Calgary casting director Deb Green, who recently cast the Calgary-area-shot movie Brokeback Mountain starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, directed by Ang Lee. The showcase went off like water off a duck's back, smooth and smooth-sailing. Thank you to my acting partners Hazel and Pamela for your great work! (the latter being trashy enough for me to react to, lol) Might I add that Deb was nice and funny and offered some great advice for all of us actors, thank you Ms. Green! The soy juice comment came from the fact that I had brought many empty soy juice tetra boxes in a garbage bag to make Pamela's "trailer" look like trash. All of them emptied by me. Now I can return them to the bottle depot and seriously make enough cash to fund my finances for a month week.

I just bought Brady Bunch season 1 on DVD. As a person who admires honesty and not fake smiles, it is surprising that I totally eat this show up. Like a giddy schoolgirl, I sit back and watch the Brady bunch get in hilarious situations and I enjoy it as much as Trekkies enjoy watching Star Trek (okay, so maybe not THAT much). Perhaps it's because as happy-go-lucky-60s-70s-American the Brady's are, the situations they get themselves in are quite real and relatable. And the emphasis on family is comforting. Sure, the situations resolve themselves by the end of the episode, but unlike the queasy feelings that are enduced by the sickening love-solves-everything of Full House, there is a much more truthful use of love and family in Brady Bunch. IMHO, of course. It reminds me of when I used to come home from school and watch Brady Bunch re-runs in the family living room, totally happy times. All together now: Here's the story, of a man named Brady...

Also currently playing on re-run on my DVD player: The DVD of Dance Montage 2004. It's a near-crime to enjoy chapters 4 and 5 of this DVD so much! But I just can't help myself from laughing at our Dancing Queens piece, because there is so much dancing and choreography in there, a lot that my choreography partner Elaine and I still aren't aware of! Seriously, Elaine once dubbed me a "choreography naz-i". If only our dancers realized that we had A FULL TWO MORE MINUTES of choreography that we had to chuck out after finding out that this was going to be the first year that the 10-minute maximum was actually going to be enforced (a little birdie told me). Thank you very much again to all our dancers for putting so much effort into finishing the choreography on time, and putting in your own groovy moves in the places that needed it. The ending production was ace and that's because our dancers added those extra choreography bits on their own, knowing that Elaine and I were about to suffer dual nervous breakdowns!

Just saw my young friend Andrea do a SUPERB performance as "Mother Fulham" and ensemble in the theatre play You Two Stay here the Rest Come With Me. It rocked. It jived. It hammered. Had a great time and was very impressed by the work of the young staff to put together a musical that involved so many characters. My favorite numbers were "Strawberry Flats" and "Professor Williams". I most enjoyed Andrea's grey-haired (spray paint) solo performance as a female with over-excessive body hair, lol! Well done! How funny/ironic it is that Andrea plays an old woman in this play, when I feel she's got the mind of a wise old woman in the young body of her's.

A friend recently described me as a "social butterfly". Shocking. At first. But I guess I am. Sorta. I love meeting people of all backgrounds and types. I care about people. I want to know what's up in their lives. And this eagerness to know others in a compassionate way eggs me on to talk to people that I know well, people that I don't know well, and people that I'd love to know better. My love for people allows me to be open and honest with others, within reason, of course. Does this make me a social butterfly? Perhaps. But I also enjoy being alone, content with my own time and my own thoughts. A nice balance.

A few of you know that I recently had an audition for a commercial that will star a current coach of an NHL team. They called back saying that they were definitely interested in me being in the commercial, but haven't made up the final decision yet as the focus of the commercial may change. So, fingers crossed.

And I'm going to be doing a phone interview with Sir Tim Rice very soon. wow, when did my life get so good?!?!

Movie Rental of the Month: 21 Grams. A movie about how one freak accident can interconnect the lives of three families who didn't know each other before. Powerful. Shot with the time sequences all out of whack, a la Memento. Proves that Naomi Watts is another one of my acting goddesses (see the previous post for the remaining list of Angie Hung acting goddesses). Naomi's ability to get so in the moment that you feel every word and breath she is saying, is very admirable. Add to the fact that she appears in this movie with no make-up but yet is still very beautiful and very powerful as an actress.

Picture of the Week: Here's my friend Jonny next to one of his sexy idols, Kim Cattrall.

Tip of the Day: Wash your hands after you use the toilet.

Song of the Moment: Caught Up by Usher

I still love you Terin.


March 19, 2005.
Author: Angie Hung

Never too soon Late for an Update.

The above picture is from "The Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada". It's a profile on Anne Flynn, one of the creators of Dance Montage. I hope Ms. Flynn got the nice positively gushing piece of mail I sent her. I was so excited that I found Flynn and Dance Montage mentioned in a book that I bought it rented it from the library.

As Marieke reminded me on March 11, it's been 68 days (plus 8) since I've last updated this board. Wasn't there a movie made with this title? Apologies for my tardiness, but I've been busy with work, dance, acting, choir, and helping my parents buy the perfect minivan. Still waiting for Stannie's guest post, still waiting for Mei Mei to call me back, and I still have to contact Andrea regarding some kind of movie night (slash) mailing items to other countries (slash) goofing off and doing SOMETHING day (slash) night. It seems tardiness is currently running with all my friends at the moment! Since when is tardiness a person who can perform an action?!

In my absence, I managed to discover a few people we all should bow down to:

  • Rachel McAdams - Seriously, this is my current acting goddess (always, Angelina Jolie aside). This is the girl who plays the lead mean girl in Mean Girls and the same girl who makes you cry in The Notebook. What a brilliant actress. I watched her screen test for The Notebook (it's on the DVD) over and over, and then some more. Her ability to be real and have true reactions to whoever is across from her, is mesmorizing. Put aside the fact that she is simply gorgeous (just try), and focus on the fact that she can act and truly be "in the moment". She isn't just a pretty face, oh no...
  • Clive Beddoe - CEO and President of Westjet Airlines. I bow down to this guy, who made WestJet to be one of the most successful airlines in Canada and probably Canadian history. With personal experience as to how cut-throat the industry is, and with knowledge of the terrible customer service that Air Canada doles out, I cheer with hella-fanfare for Clive and his company. I've met a few employees at WestJet who obviously love their job. People who love their job love it because they are being treated fairly and well by their company. It's amazing that such a simple fact gets beyond many companies nowadays. Go go go WestJet! Boo to Air Canada and Jetsgo Jetsgone. Do I lament the fact that airline prices have increased? No, because it's a bad business model to try to sell cheaper-than-cost flights in order to take away a competitor's market. Pretty soon, as evidenced earlier this month, it's going to cost you.
  • Kim Cattrall (aka Clare Woodgate) - Can I just say that I ADORE Kim for her incredible taking of risks as an actor? Kim is sexy because she gives her all (and then some) when she plays roles. As an actor, you have to take risks. You have to let yourself get to a feeling or emotion that might be scary, embarrassing, and vulnerable. But you do it, so that others can see that your character is real, believable, and human. This is what Kim does. She must be doing it well, because even young men (such as my friend Tim who recently met Kim - see picture here) find their hormones gone awry just by the sight of her. I don't blame them. In a world where you have to be young to be considered beautiful and sexy, it's downright reverent to see her cast away the archetypal pursuits of Hollywood and come out a winner. Another example of her courage and determination as an actor: She's currently in London England at the Royal Comedy Theatre performing in Whose Life Is It Anyway?. She plays a woman who fights for her right to die after becoming paralyzed from the neck down. My friends who have seen it, LOVE it. Go see it now if you can. Go see if now even if you can't. Go. Now! (Thank you Tim for helping me gather the information for this)!
  • Olivia de Havilland - Read her 1-page very short but very powerful interview on the last page of last month's issue of Vanity Fair. This woman knows what life is about, she had me at hello. Amazing to think that she was born in 1916.
  • Gael Garcia Bernal - nice to look at, and he's noted as the next "it" actor, at least by Vanity Fair magazine.
Proof that this world is a "small world":

  • Donald from Dance Montage now lives 2 seconds away from me (right across the hall).
  • Another Angie Hung!
  • Another Little M! Coincidentally, they still have a letter I wrote to them in 1996 here (scroll down to June 25, 1996). Hello!

Proof that it's a large world:

Thank you to the friends who have helped me through the tough time I've had recently. This includes Rob, Paul (EmCeeTwoKay), Terin, Andrea, Tina, Daddy Dennis, admin Marc, (just-a-mod) Dee, and many many more. It's amazing what a phone call, PM, email, or snog unabashed 24-hour uninterrupted sex text message can do. Thank you also for all the prayers from the folks at Bethany.


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